When I first started to date Chuck, I immediately became attached to him and always wanted to be with him.  I hated when he made plans to be with his friends and when he told me one Friday over lunch that he was going to a bachelor party that evening, I couldn’t hide my disappointment.

“I wanted to be with you tonight….” I almost whined but kept myself in check.  I was a big girl, after all.

Chuck laughed.  “The only girls who will be at the party are the strippers, babe.”

“Well, I like strippers!” I said.  “Why can’t I just come along? I won’t get in anyone’s way, I promise.”

Chuck sighed and picked up his phone.  “I’ll text Aidan, the groom and see if he’s okay with it.”   He called me a couple of hours later to inform me that Aidan and the other guys were fine with me joining them.  But my participation would be limited to the limo ride.  The guys rented a limo to take them bar hopping for a couple of hours before they headed back to Aidan’s house for more partying and strippers.  I was happy with that arrangement.

“You have to be willing to entertain.” he said. I wasn’t sure what that meant but I was pretty sure I could handle it.

I wore a short skirt over black thong panties and a white silk top with a very sheer bra, so that my nipples were visible.  My black stiletto heels completed my slutty outfit.   The guys, all 6 of them including Chuck, gave me a noisy welcome when I stepped into the limo.

Aidan gestured me over to sit next to him and he put his arm around me.  “Your admission price to this private limo party is that you have to perform for us.” “Okay…” I waited for him to elaborate.  “What do you want me to do?  Show you my juggling skills?”  We laughed. “No, I think we’d prefer to see your cock sucking skills.”  He said bluntly.

I immediately got on my knees in front of him and settled myself between his legs as he pulled his cock out of his pants and gave it a few preliminary strokes.  Chuck came up beside me and pushed my head further down towards Aidan’s lap.  Aidan slapped my face a few times with his cock and then rubbed it against my cheek.  I parted my lips and stuck my tongue out a little, waiting for him to feed it to me.  He stuck it into my mouth and shook it inside a few times before pulling it back out and slapping my face with it again. Aidan leaned back and thrust his hips forward, sliding his cock into my mouth. I grabbed it with one hand and began to suck.  I moved my tongue all over it as I bobbed my head up and down, side to side, really taking it  deep, massaging it with the inside of my mouth.  Aidan held my head and watched me as I worshipped his cock.

I felt someone lift my skirt and suddenly my panties were pulled down and were left dangling just above my knees.  I was leaning forward and my legs were spread apart and I knew that everyone was able to clearly see my lovely pink pussy lips. I felt a finger slip deep inside me, followed by someone’s cock.  I kept on sucking as I felt a variety of cocks pumping me; some of them furiously pounding, others slow and gently.

Warm cum collected on my back, my ass and my thighs as each of them dumped their load on me.   Aidan watched as each guy had his turn and in the end, he produced his own creamy load which landed all over my face.

The guys were so happy with my performance that they allowed me to join the party at Aidan’s where the strippers were waiting.  There was plenty more debauchery that night.  More guests and hot strippers.

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