I had anal sex for the first time, just a few years ago.

The first time I lost my anal virginity was quite recent! I was laying in bed, spending time with one of my suitors. We were half naked. He was in boxers and I was in a dark green G-string. I was laying next to him while he admired my ass. He told me how tight it was and how round it was. I felt him pulling apart my asscheeks and I knew that he was looking at my asshole. He was peeking right at it. No one had ever looked between my cheeks before. Anal sex made me feel so exposed!

He took his finger and started running it along the length of my crack. Then, he started to circle the hole with his finger. Resting right at the opening, he started to push. I looked at him in shock and excitement! Staring up at him, he continued to push in a circular motion. His finger slid further and further inside. This pressure grew from the back and stretched all the way to the front, making my pussy clench. I liked it! I started to rub right above my clit which made me squeeze up on his finger. Another finger started sliding in and stretching my hole. Then, he told me to get on my hands and knees.

When I was on all fours, he started to push the head in.

It was a tight squeeze and he told me that my asshole was so tight, it almost felt as though it was cutting off circulation to his dick. He dipped his finger in lube and ran it along the opening of my asshole. His cock started to slide all the way in, even through the second opening. The head dipped in and out of that opening as he started to pump. My insides felt like they were stretched so far. It felt so good to just be forced open like that. I have grown quite a taste for anal sex.

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