I didn’t really let this blossom into a full-on anal sex story.

It is more like a, he wishes it was an anal sex story. He had always wanted to fuck me. It would never, ever happen. Girls that look like me do not fuck guys like him. Every time that I broke up with one of my boyfriends, he hung around with the pathetic hope that I might turn his way. He was such a little dweeb, and I can’t believe that he ever thought that he would have a chance. That boy would only ever be my submissive in my bdsm sex stories.

He was a good friend, though. Very loyal. I value loyalty. I knew that he was just desperate to fill some purpose for me. After school, I brought him to my house to talk about the guys I had been fucking. There was some major gossip that I needed to share. I told him how I had finally had anal sex! It was so fun! I told him all the juicy details about what it felt like. It was over lunch break that I let this guy with a huge cock fuck my ass.

Pulling my skirt up, I yanked my panties down to show him that I was all red stretched out.

I told him that I was sore, but in a good way. My ass kept dripping cum. I asked if he could do something for me. Since I knew that he loved my ass and was staring at it all the time, I told him to clean it up and soothe it with his tongue. He looked so excited. He grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them while taking a long sniff. What a weirdo. Then he started to lick all around the sore ridges and then inside my asshole. He sucked the cum right out! The little dweeb was actually good at it. That settled it, he was my little ass-cleaner. Do you like anal phonesex? Read my other blogs!

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