A little anal sex to spice things up..

Anal sex always sounded so naughty, like it was something I shouldn’t do. At the same time, it seemed like the loophole for being a little slut without getting the reputation. All the girls in school were talking about it being the way to have sex without ‘really’ losing your virginity. Pfff, classic catholic schoolgirl loopholes. That wasn’t me, though. I loved getting wild and raunchy, and letting whoever my lucky fuckbuddy was that I would do anything he craved. The first guy to ever fuck my ass was in for a treat! I knew it’d happen eventually, so of course I prepared.. I had a little bottle of pineapple-flavored lube sitting nearby.

And it made me so fucking juicy.

He applied it liberally, getting so much of it on my tight little hole. I thought he’d never be able to fit it – he was so fucking big! But eventually, his big cock slide into my tight little ass and rocked my world. It stretched me out so much that I couldn’t help but start whimpering and moaning his name. And he started off slow, of course.. but that couldn’t save me from how big he was. His cock was always massive, and he started speeding up as he went along. My nails were clawing the bed, the pillow, nothing was safe – not even his back and shoulders. It turned out to be my new favorite thing to try, though. I even got a little butt plug to play around when he wasn’t!

It’s always so much fun in doggystyle, though – it adds a little extra element of domination that I go absolutely crazy for.

Come play with me. Your Taboo Phone Sex Princess

Craving a little quality phone sex, baby? Tell me all the dirty little secrets you can’t tell anyone else..