Anal Sex: Pound That Ass!!

I’ve always wanted to try anal sex. About a year ago was the first time my ass has ever been penetrated. My boyfriend Josh was eating my pussy from behind. Watching him from my dresser mirror I saw Josh spit on the tip of his cock. He started rubbing his cock on my asshole. I looked back at him, while he was massaging my asshole with his rock hard cock. Then, he said to me, “ I want to fuck that fat ass babe.” I started laughing wondering, “ What is so good about anal sex? “

Giving him a smile I said, “Give it to me any way you want.” Slowly, Josh slid the head of his cock in and out of my ass. Grabbing my hips, he shoved his cock deep into my ass. I let out a loud gasp and Josh started pounding the shit out of my ass. He was giving it to me nice and hard, he knows I love rough sex.

My pussy was the wettest it’s ever been.

I could feel him hitting my g-spot through my asshole. Anal sex felt fucking amazing, having my little asshole stretched and pounded was exactly what I needed. Josh kept thrusting me faster and faster, I could hear his breathing getting heavier.

He was giving it to me just right, my pussy squirted all over the sheets. Josh’s cock was dripping wet the more he thrust into my asshole. Letting out a loud groan Josh said, “ I’m going to cum deep in your ass.” I tilted my ass up in the air, arching my back for him while he slowly slid his cock in and out of me.

Finally, pushing his cock deep into my asshole and sitting there for a second Josh let out another loud groan. Sliding his cock out of me, I could feel his warm sticky cream oozing out onto my pussy.

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