Sex Toys: I Love My Pink Jimmy!

Hannah was the first girl to ever tell me about sex toys. She used to talk about them all the time in high school. How she broke up with her boyfriend before because his cock was smaller than her dildo. She took me to the store on my 19th birthday to buy my own sex toys but I just wanted one.

That’s when I found my pretty pink penis.

It was a 7-inch cock that stuck out to me more than any of the other sex toys. It was my favorite color and the right size for me. When I got home with my new dildo I decided I wanted to name it, so I named it Jimmy. The first time I used my Jimmy it had my pussy dripping all over the dildo. Hannah told me how she used to ride her dildo until it made her cum all over the floor.

Now, when I’m home alone and horny I like to play with my Jimmy.

I lube it up and stick it to the side of the tub. So I can ride my dildo until it makes me cum hard. At first, I didn’t know how to have sex with a dildo but I watch a porn and did watch exactly what the girl did. Guiding my 7-inch dildo balls deep inside of me. While I ride up and down on it fast making my pussy drip all over the tub. Ever since then I love using my Jimmy it always makes my pussy squirt. Who needs a guy when I have my Jimmy to make me cum. Maybe it’s time for me to buy more sex toys.

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