I love to have my photo taken. Confidence is one of my strong suits so when someone asks if I am interested in doing amature mature pics, I am all in. A gentleman, Steve, I spend time with asked if we could do a photo shoot. Knowing the focus would be completely on me, I said yes. When we discussed it, he had multiple sites in mind. This would be so much fun.

On the day of the shoot, he came to my place to pick me up. It was a sunny day with perfect temperatures, so he had an outdoor location. The area was gorgeous, with lots of trees, and foliage, so many beautiful flowers in bloom. There was a walking path that had benches along the way. His thinking was me in the flowers, on the benches and just walking along the path.

The theme of the shoot would be getting back to nature!

His intention was to start with me fully dressed and as we worked our way through the walking path, I would lose the clothes. With different poses and props that nature was providing us. I loved the idea because I love to be naked any time I can and especially outside. It is so freeing, and my spirit loves that feeling. We set about getting the shoot done.

There weren’t many people there at the time we started but a few stragglers walking the trail came and went. Some were intrigued and watched us work. As we moved along the trail and I would shred more clothing, I got turned on doing this photo shoot! I felt so sexy outside and stripping down, as we moved along.

This was a perfect location to start the amature mature pics.

The was a guy that was basically walking with us so that he could watch the show. Steve decided we might be able to use him for the shoot. He approached the man, Curt, and asked if he would like to be involved with our amature mature pics. At first, he was hesitant, not knowing what Steve had planned, but as Steve explained to Curt he would be interacting with me, he jumped on board.

The idea would be me out in nature, thinking no one was around as I stripped down to my gorgeous naked body. Then, Curt would surprise me, and we would play on the path together as we both lost our clothing. Curt was an athletic guy with salt and pepper hair. He was a natural to the shoot. We started with some fun poses as we went along.

As Curt and I were interacting we were getting turned on!

Without even thinking we started to make out and fool around. Steve was in heaven as it added a lot to the photos. Curt was incredibly fit, and his body felt so good against mine. My pussy was getting very wet and ready for more. We were laughing and having so much fun. At one point we were dancing in the flowers and tripped on a branch. We fell into the flowers and laughed so hard. Then our eyes met and there was electricity in the air.

He took off the last of my lingerie as I helped him out of his boxer briefs. At this point, we were feverishly ready to fuck! What an amazing experience to help me be the best GILF phone sex operator! Curt’s dick was getting so hard and it was so gorgeous. A big, bulbous head with a nice big shaft! This naughty granny was very happy to play with that cock.

Once I had those boxers off, I took that cock in my mouth!

Curt was anxious to get his fingers in my pussy and give my clit the attention it was craving. He worked his fingers like a master, and I got even wetter. We had lost track of Steve and his camera. He was clicking away but we were so focused on each other we didn’t notice him. Curt and I were in a bed of flowers of all kinds. I was excited for another opportunity to have public sex.

The colors ranged from, gold, red, pink and purple. The smells were intoxicating as we worked our way over each other’s body. Once my pussy was dripping wet and Curt’s cock was rock-hard, I pushed him on his back and got over him. I aligned my cunt with his throbbing dick and slid down on him. We moaned together as we created a smooth grind.

We both were so ready that we came quickly. Once we came, we laid in the flowers and caught our breath. Steve said, “That was fucking incredible!” and told us he could not wait to get the photos all done and prepped.  Curt had made my amature mature pics better. We thanked him, and he was on his way. Steve and I headed to the next location to finish our shoot.

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