You know that chick Alyson? Yeah she’s crazy in bed! When I say crazy, I mean amazing, brilliant, and so damn good with getting me to do things I’d never do with anyone else. One night, we’d been out on a nice date and then ended up back at her place. This hadn’t been our first date or fuck. That’s how our nights always ended when we were together.

So far when we fucked it was fun, rough, and naughty but nothing insanely kinky. Honestly, I think she was just making sure I trusted her enough. This night was completely different. We got into her room, completely naked and ready to go. My cock was as hard as a rock and all I wanted was to ram her cunt. That’s when she pulled a fast one on me.

She grabbed my hands and tied them above my head. I went along thinking it was no big deal. Then she tied my legs open. I was getting a bit nervous now. She got off the bed after tying me up and pulled a glove out of her nightstand along with some lube. She quickly put my cock back into her mouth. That’s why I didn’t notice her hand moving towards my ass. Before I could beg her to stop, her finger was deep in my ass.

I screamed out, but then was overwhelmed with pleasure. I’d never done this before but it was feeling amazing. She started to rub my ass faster and faster while she sucked my cock. The entire time I felt as if I was cumming but there was nothing dripping from me. Then I was wrapped in the arms of insane pleasure. My cum shot came out so fast I thought it hit the ceiling. She rubbed both my ass and cock a bit longer until I was so exhausted I couldn’t handle it anymore. Since then, I’ve had to beg Alyson to finger my ass again. I loved it so much! I may even let her fuck my ass with a strap on!




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