69 Is the Magic Number

You and I both know how amazing oral sex is. Tasting each other, feeling each other. It’s utterly fantastic. I crave your cock in my mouth. I crave kissing your body, tasting every inch of you and I know you do the same. So why wouldn’t we 69? It’ll bring it to a whole nother level trust me! My body on top of yours, writhing in pleasure while I suck your cock. Mmm yes, please.

Have you 69’d before? I have lots of experience. Get naked. Lay back on the bed. Let me get you ready. I’ll kiss you while I grind my hips against you. My naked pussy pressing against your cock. Making my pussy wet and your cock hard. Let me kiss my way down your body. Softly teasing your skin with my tongue. Your cock is so hard for me already.

I kiss the tip of your cock and move back up your body. Kissing your lips and sliding off of your body. I turn around, I’m going to straddle your face now. You’re more than ready for a taste. You need it don’t you? I spread my legs, putting one leg on either side of your head. You slide out your tongue in anticipation. I won’t make you wait. I watch while I lower my sweet pussy down on your face.

Sitting on your face feels so amazing. I rotate my hips, grinding into your mouth. I lean over and grab your cock. Teasing it over my lips, licking the tip. Finally, I slide you into my mouth. Your big hard cock passing through my lips, into my mouth, all the way into my throat.

I moan on your cock, so close to orgasm. I’m going to squirt all over your face. I hold back so we can orgasm together and it’s fucking ecstasy.

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