Fetishes are never far off from any one person’s mind. Santa would never be the one to be excluded from this either. In fact, Santa is probably one of the more kinky guys to exist. After all, fat perverts crawling into little girls rooms should be kind of a scary concept. However, it is not. Which is totally fine with me, since I am such a pervert myself. Santa Clause, however, has a much kinkier fetish. He not only likes to get fucked nice and hard, but by a pretty specific known enemy of his as well!

He, like Santa, visits on Christmas Eve to girls and boys. However, it is not to deliver gifts. After all, his name is Krampus and he is the opposite of Father Christmas. He takes naughty boys and girls and steals them away.

25 Days Of Sexmas: Santa Has His Naughty Fetishes Too!

That is whom Santa has a fetish for. In fact, on Christmas eve whenever it is time for them to get ready for their midnight runs they have a pregame fuck. Santa get’s down on his kinky knees and licks that Krampus demon ass hold till his cock is throbbing to be sucked.

The two take turns sucking up and down each other’s full throbbing rods. Santa can’t help but be turned on with his tongue licking his ass hole. That demon tongue slips and slides all over Santa’s pucker hole and balls making him groan out for Krampus’s cock in his ass! That is the star on the Christmas tree, Santa bent over while Krampus fucks him deep. After all, Santa can’t deliver gifts without an ass hole full of Krampus cum! That is exactly what he gives to him as well, loading him down with his thick beasty load!

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