I love fucking, sucking, and playing with my fuck buddy Davon. He has a HUGE, big, black cock that is as thick as it is long. He has the prettiest eyes that stare into mine as he pumps that big cock into my pussy over and over again. He has beautiful lips that whisper into my ear just how much he loves my pretty blue eyes; my soft creamy-white skin; my satiny blonde hair, and my perfectly pink pussy.

BUT – I am SO pissed at him right now! 

He KNOWS I’m not on any birth control, and last night, he forgot to bring his Magnums. I have condoms, but… regular condoms don’t seem to quite FIT Davon! =)  That BBC is just too damn huge! He promised that if I let him slide that big black cock into my tight little slut box bare, he would pull out before he came inside me.

…. he lied. 

One minute he was pumping away at that hot, wet cunt, and the next? He was blowing his fucking load inside it and leaving me a BIG cream pie surprise!  NOW what? He came ALL inside of that fertile little womb, and I know he’s already gotten a couple of other girls pregnant! I turned around and looked at him while he had me bent over, because I could FEEL his cum oozing out of me, and he just grinned at me and said “ooops”! OOOPS? Really? That’s all he had to say about that HUGE wad of cum now stuffed deep inside me? OOOPS???

My parents are already pissed off because I engage in “interracial relations”. I don’t think they would react all that well to a bi-racial grandchild! I’m going to KILL him if that cream pie gets me knocked up! Although admittedly, we WOULD make a beautiful little mixed baby together! Creamy brown complexion, light eyes, and probably straight, silky black hair. Helloooooo, call me when I’m in my 30’s though! I don’t want a baby NOW!

No more bareback sex for that fucker Davon until he learns how to control that big black horse-dick!

Call me if you love the idea of me riding that big, black, bareback cock and taking that HOT cream pie in my slutty little fuck hole!




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