Are You Into Cum Eating? Then You Will Fucking Love This.

Are You Into Cum Eating? Then You Will Fucking Love This. Playing with my boy toy is one thing, but playing with his daddy is something I live for. I will never waste my time with a committed monogamous relationship and that’s just the bottom line. Why stick to one cock, when you can have them all? I’ve ALWAYS had a huge appetite and frankly, I can’t get enough cock. That being said, last night I out wished Tim. He’s been a boy toy of mine, for a while now.

As always we were out and about having a wonderful time when I got the sudden urge to have one of my holes filled. Normally I love sex with Tim, but I wanted something more. I wanted something extra naughty. I whispered in his ear that I wanted to head back to his place so that we could fuck and he didn’t skip a beat.

Cum Eating Is My Favorite!

Right, when we got to his place, well it’s his parent’s place, but they don’t mind when he brings me around. Anyway, when we got to his place, he told me that he wanted to freshen up in the shower first and for me to hold that thought. Little did he know that I had something else in mind, but he didn’t need to know that. I simply planted a nice, long and hard kiss on him and told him that I’d be waiting in his room, naked!

Tim went into the shower and I set out to fulfill my new sexual conquest and made my way to the living room. There sat William, Tim’s father. I sat down next to him and asked where his wife was. He looked at me and grinned, “Oh it’s ladies night tonight, so she’s out with her girlfriends!” I just said, “Oh!” and I laughed, placing my hand on his lap.

Do You Like Cum Eating?

He quickly and fiercely looked at me. I continued moving my hand higher and higher until my hand was directly over his cock. Neither of us said one fucking word, which surprised me, but I went with it. The exact moment when William closed his eyes is when I made my move. It was time for me to get aggressive and to fuck Tim’s father right then and there. Then, I quickly unzipped his pants, pulled out his hard throbbing dick and began to vigorously suck on that mother fucker.

I took in every single inch of that monster and he moaned, as he pushed my head down just a little further. Sucking, licking and bobbing my head up and down, I knew William loved every single minute of it. His dick was leaking some yummy pre-cum and I couldn’t gobble it up fast enough. I suddenly became well aware of where Tim gets his girth from and chuckled to myself. Yummm! Soon after I started, I stood above him on the couch, I lifted up my skirt, pulled my panties over to the side and made me eat my snatch.

Cum Eating Is Delicious And Nutritious!

I wanted it nice and wet before I slid my kitty cat down his hard dick. Next thing I knew I was cumming all over his handsome face and he sent me straight into ecstasy. FUCK he felt so fucking good. He ate my pussy like a fucking champ. Just then, I heard the shower stop and I knew my time was limited. I squat down and slammed my now sopping wet cunt down on that hard cock.

Faster and faster I went until wads of thick cum was shooting into my cunt. Ropes and ropes of it. I loved it. I wasn’t done though, it was time to go fuck sonny boy. Next, I stood up, made William suck out his own creampie and quickly made it back to Tim’s bedroom. All this before he knew what was going on. I must say that I felt pretty sleazy as Tim began to unknowingly eat his father’s residual cum from my pussy.

Do You Have A Cum Fetish?

He looked up at me and said that I tasted extra good and he went to town. Tim never did find out about his father and me, but I certainly continued to fuck both of them at my leisure. Do you love cream pie? What about the idea of a father and son tag team duo? I am down and I want to give it to you the way you want it, so call me!