To Say I Have An Insatiable Cum Fetish Is An Understatement

To Say I Have An Insatiable Cum Fetish Is An Understatement! There’s something to be said about a woman who loves to be a cum dumpster. Women like me for instance. Frankly, I can’t get enough. I want it in my holes, on my face, in my hands and then some. When it cums to cum whores, people have different opinions about us. Some say we’re whores, some say we’re scum, other’s celebrate us for our lack of giving a damn.

If you know me well, then you know that I give a damn fell off at birth and I have no shame. To be perfectly honest it doesn’t fucking matter what you call me, as long as I get the cum I crave. I don’t want a little bit, I want as much as I possibly get and not a drop less. Then, I want to be covered from head to toe in ropes and ropes of warm thick cum. I want the cum to drip off my chin, my lips, my nose, my eyelashes, my tits and more.

Indulge My Cum Fetish!

Next, I want to feel the cum slide down the side of my tits to my sides. Finally, I want to feel cum run its course down my thighs, down the crack of my cunt, all the way down through the crack of my ass. I want ropes and I mean ropes of cum clumped in my hair and dripping down my neck. I crave the taste and the scent.

That’s how much I love cum and that’s how much I want it all over me. Bukkake style, group sex is the way that I want it. It’s the way that I need it, I just can’t describe it. I’m looking for at least 45 men to drench me in the goodness. Tell me how much of a whore I am and how fucking filthy I am. Give me what I crave and how I crave it. Make a mighty fine whore of me, by saturating me with wads of cum.

I Love My Cum Fetish!

Force me into submission, by soaking me with that milky white cream and forcing me to take it all. I love the idea of me being forced to swallow it and rub it all over my body. Imagine for a moment that I am laying there on a bed, naked and ready. Then, for a moment imagine that I am there so vulnerable and eager, so willing and open.

That’s when I want you men to have your way with me. Fuck me every which way, until you blow your load, on me or in me. Pick a hole, any hole and take full advantage of me any way you all wish. Gather around me, like some cum whore goddess and jerk that fuck stick. Jerk that fuck stick until your cum squirts out of you and all over me.

Do You Have A Cum Fetish Like Me?

Do you want me to be your cum whore? Or do you want to watch me swallow it? How about you call me and fill me right on up! I love cum eating and frankly, I want yours! I’d love for you to listen to me guzzle down every single drop. Yummy!

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