Wouldn’t You Enjoy Babysitter Sex Stories? Like Them Young?

Babysitter sex stories are delicious. They’re the best when you know it’s a story of me being the babysitter. Now what I want to know is whether or not you want to hear about the time, when the daddy did more than just take me home. Or do you want to hear about the time when Junior came home from college early, while I was babysitting little brother?

Either way babysitting stories are fun, babysitting stories are plentiful. Right now, however, I am thinking about the hot sexy daddy or the young college brother. Did I mention that the daddy (his name is Tyler) was a 35-year-old banker, who loved to work out and loved to show me his muscles? He used to always tell me that he could really show me how to be a good mommy. He was very powerful in his convictions and frankly, I gave into him every week. Did I also mention that I was still in my teens when this happened?

Then, of course, there’s Josh. He’s the older brother of William, whom I babysat for many years. At the time William was 4, Josh was 19 and I was younger than Josh let’s just say. Josh was so full of himself and so eager to show off his new pussy eating and fucking skills. Unlike with Daddy Tyler, I only played with Josh once. Again he just so happened to cum home from college one time early and we took full advantage!

It was Because Of Tyler That I Was Able To Please Josh So Well!

I guess I should have thanked Tyler huh? See don’t you just love babysitting stories. Could you imagine being that naughty daddy, or being that hot college stud? Hmmm, can you imagine me as the hot babysitter sitting in your house? Picture me there sitting on your couch! There I am, short shorts, cut off a plaid shirt and my pretty manicured feet just stretched out. My hair pulled back, lip gloss on my full lips and just a little bit of mascara. As a matter of fact, you can picture me on my knees looking up at you, with my glossy lips JUST gliding over your cock.

Now here is where your imagination can go one way or another. You see if you wanted to be Tyler, the naughty daddy, then you’d be pretending to drive me straight home, but you’d take me on a detour to a private lookout first. If you were Tyler, then you’d start out by licking my pussy and teaching me how to give the best blow job ever. I learned a lot from Tyler. He was experienced, he was a giver and taught me to be the same way. Tyler could run his tongue down my slit like a fucking champion. My abilities to fuck I think came from Tyler’s naughty influence over me.

However, if you wanted to be Josh, then you’d sneak in on me and startle me. You’d use that as an excuse to get close and to flirt. Being a little older than me and in college, you’d think you’re about to teach me something. Instead, I completely flip the script and teach you a thing or two, about a thing or two!

Take That Back To College!

Whether you want to be the naughty daddy, who fucks the tight teen babysitter or the college boy, who fucks his little brother’s babysitter, either way, we’re going to have mind-blowing age play phone sex. No limits, no rules, just a good time. We can role play one of these babysitter sex stories, or we can create something completely different. All I know is that I just want to please you! Call me for one of the best sex stories ever!

MILF Phone Sex!