It’s time for you to admit to your bi curious craving.

It’s gotten to the point where your bi curious craving has become all-consuming. You’re thinking about cock night and day and it haunts your dreams. First of all, when you’re out somewhere and you see a hot man, your eyes just drift down to the front of his pants. You can’t seem to tear your eyes away from the front of his pants. You’re undressing him with your eyes, wondering what his cock will look like. taste like and feel like. There’s only one way to find for sure isn’t there?

Tonight, your bi curious craving is finally getting satisfied. As you push open the bedroom door, you see a hot stud just waiting for you. Walk over to him and drop to your knees. The first thing that you’re going to do is slide your hand over the front of his pants and appreciate the size of that bulge. How does it feel throbbing under your fingertips? Admit how much you want to unveil that dick. Then and only then will I allow you to peel those clothes off. Good boy, next you get to slide that zipper down.

It’s time to fulfill your bi curious craving.  Grab that dick and slap it up against your face. Look up at me so I can see the look of awe on your face when you get your first look at that big thick throbbing shaft. Look at that, your mouth is starting to water already. It looks like you’re ready for a mouthful. Now it’s time for you to put that tongue to work and tease every single inch of that cock.

It’s time for you to deep throat that big cock.

Open wide and see “ahhh”. Let’s see if all those lessons on my strap on made a difference. First, relax the back of your throat and take it all the way down. I want to see every inch of that big dick disappearing into your mouth. Next, you need to play with those balls. Now, cup them and feel the weight of those cum heavy balls in your hand. It’s your job to get him as hard and worked up as you possibly can. Then, make your head bob up and down on that shaft and slurp that pre-cum right up.

Now you have a very hard decision to make. We both know that you’re craving more than just a dick in your mouth. As much as you want a mouth full of cum, your asshole is longing to be filled too. He’s aching to stretch you open.  You’re also aching to be stretched open. Time for that bi curious craving to finally be satisfied-for the moment anyway. Get on your back so you can fully enjoy the show. Now spread those thighs as he rubs that big dick up and down against your tight ass.

Watch closely as he slowly thrusts inside of you. Take every single inch of that dick as it goes deeper and deeper inside of you. Then, you pull your legs up to his shoulders and moan like a bitch in heat. You’re such an anal sex slut. Now it’s time for you to admit how much you’ve been craving a big fucking dick inside of you. So now you get to make him explode. Do you think you’re up for the task?

Squeeze that cock nice and tight with your sissy ass.

Now that he’s pounding your ass like a fuck doll you can’t keep your hands off your dick. Look down and watch that massive cock stretching you open as you jerk away. It’s so big and thick that it feels like he’s splitting you in two. That doesn’t stop you from taking that dick harder and deeper and begging him to pound you faster. How does it feel slut? It’s so much better than anything you could have ever imagined. Now you can feel him swell up deep inside of you. He’s close and getting ready to explode like a volcano, blasting hot sticky streams of cum so deep inside of you. The feel of that heat makes you cum like crazy. Now it’s time for the really fun part. Get between his thighs and slurp that dick clean.

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