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Once her parents had gone to sleep, we’d sneak down to her finished basement and watch the pay t.v. channels, the porn ones, on low volume and get all aroused. We would dry hump one another and mutual masturbation soon turned into touching each other. I loved making her cum.

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I was always afraid her parents or brother would walk in on us. She said they respected each other’s privacy, so not to worry. I bet her perv of a brother would have been turned on by it if he had walked in! Imagine us dry humping one another and kissing each other and him walking in! We would watch lesbian porn and pretend it was us on the screen and others watching us getting turned on. I was too afraid to tape ourselves, you never know where such footage might end up. We did play with one another like with no one else though. Sleepovers were so hot. Our parents had no idea we were rubbing one another to ecstasy throughout the night.

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I asked after many play sessions if I could lick her pussy and of course she eagerly agreed. I went between her young thighs and kissed and licked all around. When I came to that beautiful clit, I worshiped it. We helped shave one another, so we were all baby smooth and took full advantage of such grooming. I loved to hold her lips open and just tease and kiss that little clit until she squirmed in delight. One by one we got boyfriends and play like this ended. Neither of us will ever forget our sweet time as young lesbians. Our dear secret we will always have between the two of us.Call me for the hottest teen phone sex