You, Me, And BBC: An Interview!

Remember my boyfriend who films BBC porn? The one who watches pretty white girls like me gag on giant black cocks ALL day? And ALL night, too . . . watching the same two seconds of a creampie dripping over and over again in the dark (and inherently pervy) glow of the editing suite?


He just can’t seem to stop asking me questions about BBC . . . or about his cock. Okay, pretty much if it has to do with cocks AT all, he just wants to know. He’s not alone, of course. As the old saying goes, enquiring minds want to know, right? Here’s my tell all to his cock-centric questions. Maybe our little interview will answer some of yours, too? 😉

My BF: What do you like about cock specifically? Mine first.

My BBC-obsessed BF's cock.
                   My BBC-obsessed BF loves sending me pics of his dick, too.

Me: I guess this might be weird, but I love looking at how veiny they are! Seeing how the veins start to pulse and throb really turns me on. And feeling them pulsing in my mouth while I suck it all the way down into my throat is super hot, too. I love feeling that pulsing, throbbing get more intense the deeper it goes inside my wet pussy, too. And yours? I like how hard yours gets for me. Just for me. And how much it really starts to throb when you hear me talk about BBC. Even just saying “big black cock” makes it stand straight up! I love that.

He loves to jerk off listening to me talk about BBC.
He LOVES jerking off while listening to me talk about BBC.

My BF: What do you like about BBC specifically?

Me: I think it’s partially the inherent (still lingering, despite our society being supposedly “post-racist” now, which I don’t think is true at all) taboo-ness of interracial sex and dating. One of the first movies ever made, a silent one, was Birth Of A Nation. That movie pretty much sums up the trope of the big, brutish black man pursuing the fair white girl, so small and helpless. I think white girls getting all crazy and being huge sluts for BBC is kind of a play on that cultural idea/stereotype . . . and it’s hot. Really hot. And actually getting fucked by a giant black cock? I’ll just put it this way: white girls who say no are seriously missing out. Actually, anybody who says no is missing out. Big time . . . literally!


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