Worshiping Ass: Every Time He’s Here He Worships Me

Worshiping ass is getting behind a girl and showing how much you love and appreciate her lovely behind. Are you a guy that loves ass? Well, do you show it how much you love it? Maybe you need to learn how to be worshiping ass.

Every time my wrestler friend comes into town I get very excited and I can’t wait to see him. He knows exactly what I like and how I like it… and honestly, we barely talk to each other. But, he KNOWS my body, believe me.

Ever since our first time hooking up he’s been into licking and worshiping ass. And I found that out one night when he pulled off my leggings and started to play with me. It’s a beautiful thing to have your body worshiped, especially if it’s one of your favorite places to be played with. He takes his time and kisses my ass all over… making me feel good.

It makes me tingle all over and makes me feel so good about my round ass. He calls it perfect and keeps kissing it, especially around my tight little asshole. Sticks his tongue inside for a taste of my ass and then spanks my ass cheeks until they’re red. He’ll spread my cheeks wide and start kissing again.

It’s a beautiful thing, honestly.

My whole body is so relaxed and excited, even my nipples are hard right now just thinking about how turned on I get with him. But, having a sexy man on his knees behind you just worshiping ass is absolutely amazing. And it turns him on as well, every single time his cock gets rock hard for me. Mmm, making my mouth water.

But, of course, the ass worship doesn’t stop there! No, see, he even has to rub up against it. So, he lays me down on the couch or bed and then sticks his cock right in between my cheeks, giving him an assjob. Which feels so good to him because my ass is firm yet very soft to the touch.

And then after a few minutes of that, he licks my asshole and gets it super wet. Sticking his tongue deep inside and making me moan and then slowly moves up and pushes his rock hard cock into my tight little asshole. And oh my god, do I love anal. It feels so good and makes me cum so hard.

A lot of girls don’t like the feeling of getting a dick in the ass but I have always really loved it! Ever since the first time I got fucked in the ass, I just cannot get enough of it. His dick feels so good in there that I just want him to fuck me all night long. And another thing that he does is grabs one of my dildos and uses it in my pussy.

Yes, double penetration after a good session of worshiping ass. It’s like cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly, mac and cheese… you get the picture. So, the feeling of being double stuffed makes me cum super hard.

I am almost guaranteed to squirt if a guy is going to DP me! And I squirt every time the wrestler guy does it to me. He’s so fucking hot, I mean, I’ll let him do just about anything to me, honestly. Wait, no, anything.

The look on his face when he’s fucking me in the ass is priceless.

It’s almost like he wants to make my ass his home for his dick. Haha! Which, I am absolutely okay with. So, I’ll cum and soon enough he will cum inside of my ass.

And then he does something I love… eats my creampie. Yes, the man loves to eat his cum from my body and it’s making me love every moment with him. Slurp, slurp, gulp.

So, what have you learned today? To worship a girl’s ass and then show how much you love it by fucking that tight little asshole of hers. Any questions? Give me a call… I’ll be waiting with the best phone sex of your entire fucking LIFE.

Call me now.