Assjob with dirty little secret, Bailey

Assjob is also called hot dogging. It’s in between anal and foreplay. And it is possibly one of the hottest things I have ever tried! So let me tell you… I love the feeling of a hard cock in between my ass cheeks. Here’s a little story of the first time I performed an assjob on a guy. Well, more like he did it himself.

So, I had a boyfriend and I was still sexually attracted to this guy who I still fuck now. And I was trying to be a good girl and not touch anyone but my boyfriend. But, this fuck buddy had a thick cock and loved playing with my ass. And it was all that I could think about.

I was hanging out in my bedroom in my cheeky panties and t-shirt and I guess this friend came to visit my roommates one day. We weren’t exactly talking at the time since, as I said, I was being a good girl. Well, I turned up some Type O Negative and texting my boyfriend. Telling him I miss him, blah, blah, blah. And I hear my door creak.

I turn to see this friend standing there… he looked slightly surprised to see my perfectly round ass. He smiled and said hi as I smiled and said hi back. And at that moment, the bad girl in me took over and I invited him onto my bed as I stuck my ass in the air.

He couldn’t resist my ass

He started squeezing my ass and quickly jumped on top of me. My pussy felt so wet but I needed to be a good girl! But I whispered to him, “I can’t. I have a boyfriend! I can’t fuck you.” And he just tore my panties down and slapped my right ass cheek as he pulled his cock out.

Next thing I know he’s teasing my asshole with his cock but then sticks it in between my ass cheeks. He slides it in between them.. and it feels so fucking good! He squeezed my ass cheeks tightly around his cock and thrust… I was being a good girl but my body wanted him. He shot his load into my ass crack and kissed my cheek and walked out of my room. I could not believe that I just beat temptation by just giving a guy an assjob.. well, he actually did it. 😉

Let’s do a call! I love anal, blowjobs, fantasies like babysitter sex stories, vampires, and anything you can think of!😉

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