Babysitter Sex Stories – The Only Thing I Want to Sit On Is Your Cock!

Babysitter sex stories with Bad Girl Bailey! I love to roleplay, as most of you know. And one of my favorites is being the naughty, young, tight babysitter that teases you, tempts you, and fucks you. I love being a bad girl! And you love paying me with your hot spunk.

You’re finally home from your business dinner and see me, your babysitter, on the couch. I’m in my school uniform and am doing homework as I lie on the floor. Walking behind me you can see up my skirt a little and look away quickly. “Hey, Bailey. Have a good night?”

“I sure did! The kids are asleep and I am just finishing up my math homework. My mom said she’ll be a little late to pick me up if that’s okay,” I sit up and my button-down shirt pops open at the top, revealing a little more cleavage. But, I don’t notice at all.

You ask me how the kids behaved and I tell you all about the night I had. I get up and sit next to you on the couch as you pull out your wallet for the $20 bill for me. Smiling at you I blush and say “I am so sorry. I just.. Need to tell you something,” you raise an eyebrow and I say, “I have always had this.. thing for you. I think you’re so great and I think you’re handsome and you won’t give me the time of day in THAT way.”

“Bailey. I have always wanted you.”

My face goes all red as you say those words to me and I sit on your lap. Without saying anything else you start unbuttoning my blouse and see I’m not wearing a bra. You suck on my perky nipples and grab my panties by the crotch and rip them off.

Your cock is so hard as I reach into your slacks and pull it out, slapping it up against my pink cunt. I spread my pussy for you and show you how wet you make me. You smile and kiss me as you force me onto your big, hard, thick cock.

Love babysitter sex stories? Let’s roleplay! Ageplay, incest roleplay, daddy/daughter… anything you want.

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