Most men who know me intimately know that I have an insatiable sex drive.  I love fucking.  I think about sex all day long.  What I really enjoy is to have my body worshipped.

I had a lover who took great pleasure in it.  He would start by undressing me and placing me on my back on the bed.  He lifted my feet, one at a time, to his face and he would nuzzle against the sole of my foot, inhaling my skin and kissing all ten toes.  He gently sucked on my toes while he stared down at me.  

His lips would slowly travel up my leg, his tongue gently lickng my soft skin.  When he got to my knees, he turned me over so that I was on my stomach and I would hold myself up by my elbows, turning my head to watch.  

He knew how sensitive I was behind my knee and I would have to struggle to keep still as he kissed it gently.  He worked his way up, kissing the back of my thigh and he would bury his face just underneath my ass, kissing my inner thighs.

Slowly he would slide my panties off and with both hands, he would spread my ass cheeks apart and work his tongue up and down the length of my ass.  His tongue would flick against my asshole and he pushed it gently inside my ass.  I could not help but wiggle my ass around, moving against his face.   His tongue enters both holes, pushing and swirling and making me gush pussy juice into his mouth.

He climbs on top of me, his chest pressed against my back and slips his big throbbing cock into my tight pussy hole.  He wets his shaft then pushes it into my asshole.  He fucks both holes smoothly until I cum hard, calling out his name.  Only then does he take his own pleasure, pumping his cock into me until he unloads his creamy jizz deep inside me.

Worship my body and you’ll be rewarded with intense orgasmic pleasure! Sabrina 1-888-437-0012.

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