I Love My Adult Sex Stories, I Love Even More Living Them-Part I

I love my adult sex stories, but living them is even better. As you know from reading my recent blog entries, I have been under quite a bit of stress due to my monthly cycle being late, and the possibility, I could be pregnant with the child of a teenage black boy, that just began attending my husband’s church with his parents going on two months now.

From the first moment I met Darnell and admired his young muscular toned physique, I knew, I had to feel his strong young black cock in my mouth, and deep inside my pussy. I was successful in indulging in my craving for Darnell, after his first attendance to Sunday evening services in one of our church’s Sunday school classes while my husband talked scripture with his parents.

Adult Sex Stories

On Monday, I scheduled an early appointment with my GYN physician, because of course, my monthly cycle had not started yet. During the visit, his nurse had me urinate in a cup and performed a pregnancy exam. The test results came back, I was not pregnant, which was quite a relief.

I sat in the examination room for a little while in a gown I had changed into. Eventually, Dr. Robinson, my GYN came in and began my consultation. Dr. Robinson was a very attractive man. He was very tall, around six-foot-four, and very muscular. Supposedly he played football in college during his undergraduate studies. His first name was Michael.

Adult Sex Stories

He began my consultation by referring to my concern that I may be pregnant because my monthly cycle was late. Then, he stated, that I was not pregnant the pregnancy test came back negative. Next, he also said that missed monthly cycles are fairly common in circumstances where a female may be under unusual stress, overly active, or possibly an ovary did not drop an egg.

He said he wanted to do a quick exam to make sure everything was normal. The exam table in the room had stirrups, and he asked me to sit on the table and lie back. He called his assistant Lisa into the room to prep me for the exam while he continued my consultation. Lisa the nurse was a very beautiful blonde, she was around five foot seven, with a very tight and sexy ass.

She had very large breasts and displayed quite a bit of cleavage. She began by asking me to lie back on the table, and then took each leg and placed them in a stirrup. These adult sex stories are to be continued. Are you interested at all in crazy sex stories? Tell me darling and I will give you those and more adult sex stories.


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