pearl_throatfuck e

He wants me to submit to him fully.  He says I will.  I can’t.  It’s too dangerous for me.  I can’t be what he wants me to be.  I can’t be his when I belong to someone else.  I go to his house to tell him this.  He thinks I went to submit to him.  I had other plans.  I marched up to his door and to let him know that his overbearing, sexy as sin, self-absorbed, panty wetting, too demanding ass will never have me and to never contact me again.  Well, that didn’t happen.

As soon as I reached the door I try to explain but he demands no more talking.  I protest.  He grabs my hair and pulls me inside.  I know I shouldn’t be but I get turned on by this.  Everything this man does seems to shatter my strength to stand up to him.  He begins his rules.  No talking at all unless he gives me permission.  I am to take off my clothes and drop down to kneel to him.  This is my standard position unless he tells me otherwise.  I can’t do this.  I begin to tell him and he cuts me off.  He starts telling me about punishment and rewards.  He says if I don’t do what he wants I will be punished but if I do there will be great rewards.  No, no, no I am not doing this.  He sees the resistance in my eyes.  He takes me by the arm and pulls me down the hall into his bedroom.  He tells me to give him one night and he will have me at his feet anytime he wants.  There is no way in hell but I am curious.  He can’t break me but it might be fun trying.  I tell him he can try but it will never happen.  Before I can blink I am thrown on the bed.  He takes my feet and ties one to the head and one to the foot of the bed.  Then he walks around and does the same to my hands but makes sure my head is hanging off the edge.  He takes scissors and begins cutting my clothes off until I am naked.  He takes his clothes off.  He says that everything he tell me to do I will do and do it at my best or I will be punished.  He stands over my face and demands I suck his balls.  I lick them and suck on one then the other, watching him grow bigger and his balls get fuller.  He then slides his cock in my mouth and begins fucking it.  In and out deeper and faster with each thrust.  My eyes begin to water as he makes me gag on his cock.  I have no control and cannot catch my breath.  He is hitting the back of my throat so hard.  He must feel me struggle so he backs away for a moment.

He went to get something out of the dresser.  He comes back and shoves his dick back down my throat.  At first I think he doesn’t like it and I’m being punished somehow but then he bends over and starts licking my clit.  Oh yes it feels so good! He licks and sucks on it.  He inserts a finger into my pussy.  It’s so wet!  Then another.  Oh Yes!  The more he finger fucks me the more relaxed I become.  Just as I am about to reach my climax he stops.  He inserts something else then it begins to vibrate.  OMG!  He runs it from my clit to my ass hole and back again several times.  It feels so good.  He bends back down to lick my clit and fucks me with the vibrator.  It doesn’t take long and I am bucking, as much as I can considering I am tied to the bed, and sucking harder as he fucks my face faster.  I am exploding all over his bed.  He doesn’t stop.  He is ramming it in me so fucking fast that I can’t stop squirting.  Is this punishment or pleasure?  I don’t have time to contemplate it because he starts cumming down my throat.  I drank him, milking every drop out of him, sucking eagerly through his orgasm.

To be continued…

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