Time to get ready for a long ride of a wild drinking game with Goddess Giana. Which do you prefer chump? As in which liquor do you prefer? I do have to give you a detailed direction because you’re too weak to ruffle things up yourself. It’s not a party unless Goddess Giana (GG) is around. You’re too weak to have any meaningful fun. Better yet, the only reason you do have fun is that I’m around.  

It makes your eye twitch because you need Goddess Giana so badly.

You spend all week working hard, putting up with daily life and more of those mundane things thinking of perfect me. In between your daily routines, you actually think to yourself that I think of you. Why tf would I do that? Don’t be that stupid to mess everything up/ Snapback into reality you fool! You know that I would never have a passing thought of you unless I get what I want. After snapping out of the stupidest thought that you could ever have, realistic thoughts start to stream through that tweaked head of yours.

  • You love closing your eyes and listening to my giggle.
  • How sweetly sadistic it gives you shivers.
  • You sit there listening to me tell you how dull you are.

You’re lucky to have the appointments that you have. Others would give anything to spend time with me. Thinking about me is all that you can do at the moment my wimpy freak. You know that you’re not allowed to touch yourself until our sessions. You have made it very clear that when you close your eye and think about me outside of sessions, it makes you cum without even touching yourself. The $50 fee you have to pay me my wimpy paypig for you cumming outside of sessions makes you cum multiple times.

The session with our wild drinking game begins.

As you go to the store or that liquor you smile. As a matter of fact, your sad sack of life gets a special highlight because you get to have my slightest attention. All you do when you get home is clean up and await my ok to give me a call. What’s so pathetic is you have to get liquid courage just to pick up the phone. I know that we have our wild drinking game but the fact that you start before our call upsets me. The only way to make Goddess Giana happy to pay me my fee.

I tell you how much to drink. What to take off. As well as whatever move I want you to make. The fact that you’re so weak makes me laugh. You always think way more of it than what needs to be thought but I love it. Keep drinking you wimp, then start stripping for me. Take pictures of that bag of bones that you call a body and send them to me per usual. I love sharing them with the world and embarrassing you. 

Don’t stop until I say so.

That’s right wimpy drunken turd, just drink, drink, drink. The more you entertain me the more prone I am to let you actually touch you willie Jr. in your pants. You can’t touch it no other time, not even while you take a leak. I bet you feel worthless cleaning your piss off of the toilet back and floor.

How drunk can I get you wild drinking game? Really freaking drunk that is. Keep drinking and doing the different tasks I give to you. JOI countdown, prostate milking, whiskey stroking, and pillow jerking. Let’s see which one you do first. Are you going to cum first or pass out. Don’t worry you’ll pass out to the sweet sound of me laughing at your wimpy ass. When you wake up afterward from embarrassing yourself the night before, I expect my apology, as always.

wild drinking game

Get that money and bottle ready for your night of fun satisfying me. I’m the Goddess of taboo phone sex that you’ve been dreaming about your whole life. You know your wimpy ass doesn’t get any other action. Call now, because I said so MF.

You have my permission to enjoy yourself while you read this over and over my wimpy friend.