As a woman have a special sense of what can turn out to be a hot sissy transformation. A 6th sense of knowing things about a man that doesn’t need to be spoken. Even though I acknowledge that there are the words that are spoken without a person knowing which piece all of those “unsaid” puzzle pieces together. Let me tell you about this hot transformation resulting in a night of passion. 

My boyfriend has always felt different to me which made his hot sissy transformation easy.

The person that used to be my boyfriend is sweet and soft, which resulted in a constant thoughts of a hot sissy transformation. He never felt or acted like a real man to me. So I wasn’t very surprised when I came home early one day to find him dressed to the nines in my old red sheer mesh teddy with matching sheer thigh-high stockings. He didn’t notice me right away as he was struggling with the eyeliner in the mirror. When he did, he froze speechless staring at me in shock. While I stood there amused at the fact that I liked this secret that I got the opportunity to walk in on. Time to get this sissy transformation ball on the roll.

There were many thoughts going through my head resulting in even some phrases that came to mind. The images that burst into action in my head made my puffy nipples hard from the arousing thoughts. Here he was totally exposed and all I could think about was how the image of him on his knees sucking a hot fat cock was actually turning me on. This is the best part of his hot sissy transformation when I decided what happened next to this exposed sissy. For me, the option was very clear. So I just smiled and said, “Krissy would you like some help with that?” For a moment he, I mean she hesitated and nods her head that shy smile forming. I’m glad he didn’t refuse my name suggestion for him. I discovered her hot sissy transformation at that moment. I was overly excited about his hot sissy transformation!!

After only a few moments Krissy was spilling out her naughty secrets of stealing my panties across time.

Krissy confessed to me how she wore my thongs because of the tight feels of them into between her ass cheeks. She loved the feeling of sliding then to the side while she teased her puckered puss. She even confessed to using some of my sex toys to explore her tight sissy pussy. Being fucked like a real woman was becoming her reality. Krissy’s eyes filled with hope as she looked up at me and asked “Giana will you fuck me like a real woman?” I was excited by the thought of being the one to pop her cherry.

So I took my new girlfriend to the bed and laid her down. Krissy wiggled underneath me, breathing heavily as I gently kissed down her neck. “Relax sweetie, just breath and give me a moment to adjust my cock” I giggled and went over to my hidden drawer of toys. Luckily for Krissy, I have the perfect 7-inch strap on cock for this occasion. My own heart was pounding when I pulled up her legs and spread them open. I then pulled over the red panties Krissy wore to the side. Krissy squirmed with excitement. I loved how limber Krissy was. Krissy giggled, “I do a lot of stretches”. Answering what I was thinking.

I love that my boyfriend went through a hot sissy transformation.

“Remember sweetie to breathe, tonight you become a woman” soothing her as I began to push in the head of my cock. She gasped with a little whimper to follow, as I continued to slowly push deeper inside her tight sissy hole. “Please fuck me, Giana, complete my hot sissy transformation ” Krissy started to beg. The sound of her desperate plea made me feel powerful, and I stopped holding back. I gripped onto her tightly as I fucked her harder and faster. I didn’t stop until I hear that loud orgasmic cry as her body shuttered beneath me.

She lay there smiling from ear to ear, feeling on her pussy. I sat beside her stroking her hair gently. She didn’t see me texting on my phone though. Then the bedroom door slowly swinging open which almost made her fall off the bed. I reached up or her and whispered: “it’s ok girlie”. The hot guy I invited over was my bi friend that always wanted Kris but since he’s gone Paul can have Krissy.

He slowly undressed then glided on the bed beside me. I gave Krissy a look to let her know that her dreams were coming true, the look of assurance. Krissy the took him in her hand and started to suck on him. Just to get him wet because it didn’t take long before she was on top of him bouncing up and down. What a night that was for her coming out! Paul had taken poppers and went all night. 

hot sissy transformation

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