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Were you looking for a raunchy wife sex stories post?  Look no further.  I wanted to tell you about two acquaintances Greg and Christina, a very odd couple.  I say odd in that they were very different.  Christina was a very assertive woman who was not afraid to demand what she wanted.  For the most part, her husband husband Greg was a meek-looking man who was more than eager to please his wife in any way possible.

Greg and Chris as we called her were not your typical wife sex stories normal couple.  Christina was usually the one in charge!  She was an evil cunning vixen who loved hard sex and had a great many kinky fetishes!  Before the happy pair married, Christina set some conditions.  For example, one of those conditions was that she be in charge most of the time except on his birthday.  Greg looked forward to his birthday every year.  For each birthday Greg could call all the shots for a day.  Most of the year, Greg was happy to have Christina call all the shots and make the decisions.  On this one day, Greg could order Christina to do anything he desired.

Finally, Greg’s birthday arrived, and Christina wondered what surprises Greg had in store. 

Christina came home early as requested by her loving husband.  The house was silent.  Greg was nowhere to be seen.  A note and package caught her attention.  The note gave detailed instructions to dress for dinner and then open the box.  Tonight Greg wanted his lovely wife to wear her black bra and panty set, a blue strapless dress, full-length pantyhose, and black four-inch heels.  In the box was a small pink vibrator that Christina put inside of her panties.

What was the next step?  The note instructed Christina to meet Greg at the restaurant listed on the paper.  A few minutes into the drive, Christina was startled by a vibration in her panties.  Was the toy defective?  Another minute later the toy activated again.  This was making Christina very horny and her pussy wet.  It dawned on her that Greg had purchased a toy that he could control from a distance.  Greg was several cars ahead trying to keep from being seen by his wife.

The couple met for dinner in a lovely restaurant by the beach.  Every time the waiter came to take an order, Greg would turn on the toy, causing her to shake and moan.  His wife was put into a position of uncertainty and Greg relished in this momentary feeling of elation.  All of this would go away at midnight.  The pair traveled home to enjoy the evening.  Greg had another surprise coming for his wife.  Once the doors closed to their house Christina’s mouth was covered by a large hand.  A blindfold was put over her face.  She struggled, unsure of whether to lash out or comply.

The big burly black man carried Greg’s kicking wife to the bedroom. 

You see, Greg had arranged to have two beautiful black men to fuck Christina in any way that would make his normally dominant wife submit.  One man tied her hands.  This was very new!  Greg had never had a guy or group of guys at the house unless it was for Greg to service.  Her pretty mouth filled with a big black cock.  She hungrily sucked.  When was the last time she had enjoyed a big juicy cock?  This cock was bigger than Greg’s dick.  Another guy was busy taking the toy out of her pussy.  Christina was ready to be fucked.

All night the two mystery men teased and tortured that pussy until she begged for release.  One man entered her wet hole with his big long black dick. A moan escaped her lips as every inch penetrated through her pussy.  Christina wanted to cum so badly, but he teased her by pulling away and then thrusting.  How much more could she take/

This story was not your typical submissive wife sex stories.  All in all, the night was the most memorable.  The entire night was spent exploring and fucking all of Christina’s lovely holes.  You probably want to know what happened at midnight.  That will be for later.  Call me now for the most twisted talk on phone sex kingdom!


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