Here’s one of my wife sex stories to get all you little Piggy’s hot and horny.

Wife sex stories! Do you like wife sex stories? This is one of my favorite wife sex stories and it will have you jerking off before you can get to the end. My husband and I started discussing how we could bring some more pleasure to our bedroom. This was the start of our collection of wife sex stories.  Our sex life was truly hot and erotic, however, we were both very open sexually and after trying everything from vanilla to BDSM we were both really itching to bring even more kinky shit in on our already sultry affairs. That was when my husband told me he wanted to bring a man into our sex life.

I asked him how exactly since I knew how damn kinky he was. He just simply stated that he wanted to watch me please another man. He felt that I was sexy as hell and knew how to rock it in bed, so he wanted to step outside of the box and watch me get fucked and be able to see the whole picture. And by see, I meant record so we can watch it later and fuck like animals to it.

So I agreed it would be fun, and so we started our search for the perfect guy to fit the bill.

It didn’t take long when we put an ad online since there are so many dirty freaks out there just like us, I love it. We picked a guy named Adam he was well build, dark hair, dark eyes gorgeous face. He was quite tall 6 feet, which would pair well with my tiny 5’6” thin framed body. I had very long legs for my height which always helped with sexual positions. We set up a date to meet him at a local bar, so that night I frantically got ready as I was a little nervous hoping he would like what he sees when I get there.

My husband reassures me I’m hot as hell and tells me to get my slut ass in the car before we are late. I chuckle a little and run out the door in my mini skirt, heels, and top that is way too small for my tits so they are popping out of my top just enough to get the attention I want

Adam is sitting on a bar stool at the bar and already enjoying a drink.

We introduce ourselves and he asked how we were doing tonight and I looked at him and said, getting ready to have some fun, Adam. And fun we will have when I get you naked in bed. I smiled and started getting turned on. For the next couple of hours, we drank and had a lot of fun, I was feeling pretty horny and asked my new toy if he wanted to go to his place and play. My husband said, let’s go Adam; we will follow you in our car.

When we got there, we went inside and had a couple more drinks to ease the tension. It was like I was a virgin all over again, why was I nervous but it just made me so hot the uneasy feeling of anticipation. My husband went out for a smoke and Adam begin kissing me and asked if I was ready. I said yes and he quickly threw his pants and shirt off. His underwear had a very large bulge in the front, I sat there and thought, that can’t be how big his cock is. It was long and hard as a rock, my God it was big. He came over and stood in front of me.

It was happening, what I have dreamed about for so long was coming true.

I still didn’t know where hubby was but I knew I wanted his big dick. I pulled the front of his underwear down with my teeth and could not believe how big his cock was. Then I thought my husbands was big but Adam’s was bigger. A lot bigger. I slipped his big cock into my mouth and tasted his precum. As I sucked on him his cock he got bigger and bigger and I got wetter and wetter. I just couldn’t believe I was in Adam’s room sucking on his big cock.

Adam asked me if I liked his cock and I said I couldn’t wait to feel it deep inside me. Adam then turned me around on my hands and knees and rubbed his hard shaft along my asshole and then he pulled my panties down slowly, I wanted to feel him eat my pussy, he rubbed his finger up and down my asshole and pussy getting me wetter & hotter than I have ever been.

He was eating my pussy and ass nice and slow and driving me crazy.

I wanted to suck him off some more, so we got into a 69 position and we sucked on each other for a long time before I looked over and saw my hubby looking through the door jerking himself off watching and recording us with his phone. I wanted to give him a good show so I rolled off of Adam and said I want to feel your cock baby. He bent me over on the edge of the bed and the anticipation was killing me. I looked over to the mirror and watched as he got ready to fuck me, I felt the head of his big cock rub along my pussy and then he started pushing it in very slowly.

 Felt his fat head pop into my pussy and had to let out a little scream. I could not get over how big he was. I was watching Adam fuck me in the mirror and it was driving me crazy.

Adam was soon making me cum, I cried out to him that I was cumming and to fuck me harder, and he did cause my whole body to become euphoric and feel like it was floating. Hubby must have loved watching us fuck because I could see him blowing his load as he was leaning up against the door frame. It made me so hot seeing hubby turned on by me being fucked so hard that within a few minutes Adam had me cumming again.

We fucked in every position possible for hours and he stayed hard the whole time. I never knew a man could stay hard for so long and make me cum so many times, he fucked me so hard I didn’t want to go home. However, we said our goodbyes, but we still go over to Adam’s every now and then to add a little spark when need be. Hubby and my sex life have never been better. On to our next adventure creating more erotic wife sex stories!

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