Anal Sex Loophole So I Didn’t Lose My Virginity in my teens

When I was a teen, I thought I was supposed to wait until marriage to have sex. I figured out a way around it, though: anal sex! What a great little loophole! I had found!

As long as I didn’t have a penis going into my little virgin pussy, I was good, right? Plus no chance of pregnancy!

My boyfriend at the time had a really big hard cock, so we had to really work at it to get his whole cock in my tight little asshole at first. I would lick and suck his cock to get him nice and lubed up. Once I had his cock dripping, I  would bed over for him.

He would then slide the head of his cock slowly into my ass, stretching it out, getting me used to the size. Then he would slowly ease the rest of his cock inside, moving slowly and pulling it back out to make sure I was stretching out for his big cock. He would move in and out getting my asshole used to it, letting me feel every inch of it.

After that first time, we were able to move in more quickly and really get a good fucking in.  Anal sex became a lot more fun the more we did it. He would fuck me hard and cum in my ass, filling me up with his load.

It did not take too long, maybe 6 or 7 months and I wanted to know what “real” sex was like. I wanted his big cock in my tight little wet pussy.  I wanted my pussy to cum hard on his cock, dripping everywhere. That, however, is an impregnation story for another time.



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