Why I Love Sucking Random Dick

I love sucking random dick because I’m a people person. There’s nothing like meeting someone in the grocery aisle, driving threw a window or gas station, and finding out that all they need is a little “special attention”. I can usually tell the guys who aren’t getting enough attention at home. They’re the ones that always have to chit-chat about anything. The weather, their favorite sports team, their favorite time of year.  It doesn’t matter. It all leads to one thing. Where do they want me to suck them off?

There was the one guy that I met while I was jogging in the park one morning. We were jogging toward each other when I caught his eye contact. After a flirtatious smile, I asked him how long he’d been coming to the park and then before I knew it I was sucking his cock on the side of the trail. It was really casual and with no strings attached…just the way I like it.

The most fun was when I had the chance to suck off the mailman. It was around the holidays and he looked exhausted from making all of the deliveries. As soon as I heard his truck pull up to the house I came to the door with a sexy little outfit on and I knew I would be Sucking Random Dick. Before he could put the mail in the box I opened the door and said, “I would love to help you relieve some of the holiday pressure Mr. Postman.” Sucking his cock was fun because I did it right there on the porch. He just took his cock out of his pants, I got on my knees and sucked his cock as Mr. Robinson watered her begonias. The great part is she just watched us until he blew his load in my mouth.

sucking random dick is the best for me. I can’t get enough of it, try me you’ll see.

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