What a naughty little white sissy boy slave I’ve been training.  I have him right where I want him.  Therefore, he has become the perfect sissy slut and just prime for sissy boy phone sex. I can’t decide what I love more, the fact that my newfound panty-boy loves to prance around up like a slutty maid while cleaning my house.  Maybe it’s the fact that  I own every bit of him. Because I know all of his dirty little secrets, he is my sissy slut completely.  

How I got my own personal white sissy boy

 It all started when I caught my white sissy boy stealing my panties at the office gym.  I had just finished an incredible workout in the gym and headed to the locker room for a shower.  Normally I am the last one in the ladies’ locker room.  Therefore I was surprised to find my male co-worker standing at my locker with his nose pressed up against my panties.  I ducked around the corner to keep out of sight as he stuffed my panties into his jeans and tried to exit.  

As he approached the exit, I jumped out to block him from leaving.  Startled, he began to try to think of a way to explain him being in the ladies’ locker room.  He was stuttering and fumbling all over his words.  I reached my hand in his pocket and retrieved my stolen panties.  Laughing hysterically I asked if he was some type of panty-sniffing pervert. Turning beet red he again began to beg me not to tell.  I placed my finger over his babbling lips to shut him up.  I knew right then and there that I have just acquired my very own white sissy boy to train just how I liked him. 

Training starts today 

Throwing the stolen panties to him I made him get undressed and model them for me.  I enjoyed taking slutty snapshots of my new sissy toy. Of course, I sent some to my best friends to show off my new white sissy boy. The next day I demand he meet me at my place right after work.   When he arrived I had his new uniform laid out.  It was a slutty pink sissy maid costume.  He got dressed and was given instructions on cleaning my place from top to bottom.  

By the end of the week, I was beginning to invite sexy BBC dudes over. My guy friends loved laughing at him and addressing him as Camille’s little sissy slut.  They would make demands of my white sissy boy and enjoyed slapping those tender ass cheeks with a wet towel. Damn it made me laugh so hard,  listening to him whimper like a little pig every time he got swatted. 

I am sure that my next little white sissy boy is already reading this blog with a hard cock wondering what happened to my little sissy slut.  Maybe you are wanting to be the star in your own sissy sex stories.   Either way, you should definitely give your Ebony Goddess  Mistress Camille a call at 888-340-8794 

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