When the Hubby’s Away, the Dirty Housewife will Play!

It’s high noon here and I’m getting ready to spend a week full of naughty fetish fun with all of you!  My favorite saying, when the Hubby’s away, the housewife will play, always runs through my head, and this week is no different!  I’ve been waiting the last few days for him to pack his bags to head to the airport so I can slip back into my alter ego …. that dirty housewife who wants to do it all, and feel that adrenaline rush  of bringing all my fantasies to life, not the mundane girl who cooks and cleans.  When he pulls out of the driveway and I blow him a kiss, that devious little grin spreads across my face and my body starts to tingle. He will be gone all week and that means Roxy gets to play and make you RockHard4Roxy.


I head upstairs to my closet, where I walk all the way to the back and push back clothes to reveal a built-in door that leads to somewhere special.  I feel the palms of my hands get a little sweaty as I turn that cold knob.  So I flip on the light switch to reveal my own sanctuary filled with sexy lingerie, skin-tight dresses, beautiful stockings and the most seductive heels you’ve ever seen, and a big chest with a lock! I pick out something sheer and provocative and hold it up to my body as the robe I was in slips to the floor.  Then I sit down on my chaise in my bustier and panties and start to slip my thigh-high stockings up my legs.

I look over in the mirror at myself and can feel my nipples start to get hard anticipating the scene I’m about to create.

My phone rings, and I answer. I hear a husky voice on either end say, ‘Well hello Roxy.”, and then it begins.  I’m feeling risque this afternoon, what about you? Can you keep my dirty little secret and let our imagination run wild together?

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke