I wanted to try and get a bit of an insight into what the master cock I adore most would like to have from me sexually. I feel I’ve been neglecting it and acting like a deviant slut lately so I emailed him and asked what his idea of a totally satisfying sexual experience would be. He replied with this:

After pondering this for the better part of a day, here is my perfect scenario:

I come home and you greet me in something sheer or flimsy-let me see your beautiful body. Greet me with a kiss- long and deep. Make my cock throb from the contact. Take me to the bedroom. Take off what little you’re wearing and kiss me again. Help me out of my clothes and let me lay down. You stay just off the bed, and bend over me to kiss and let me explore you. Work your kisses down my body. When you get to my cock, stroke and tease it. Suck the head, shaft, and balls. Get adventurous and let your fingers roam from my cock to my balls and taint. Look up at me while you firmy stroke me into your mouth, knowing how quickly you can make me cum. Let me hold the back of your head as I erupt in your mouth, and you swallow every drop.

Curl up next to me and put a dirty movie on. Let’s kiss some more, and you play with my cock til it gets hard again. Then you climb on top of me and direct my cock into your pussy. I want to reach up and hold your tits while you rock back and forth. I want you to reach down and play with your clit with me inside you. I will hold back as much as possible, and hopefully as soon as your pussy spasms in orgasm, I will let it milk the cum from me and flood your pussy.

When you get down, gently lick my cock and clean it of both of our cum. Then lie down, head on my chest, and catch your breath. Let my hands roam your body, and relax while we catch our breath.

Now I think that’s fucking horny. Vanilla but horny! I felt my pussy juice up as I read it. What about you? What’s your perfect sexual scenario? I would love to hear about it!


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