Just as I suspected, Kelsey’s boyfriend called me immediately after I sent him the BBC pictures — this time, actually ones she’d sent me from her actual inbox. And also just as I suspected, he was more than eager to do his pre-calling me back assignments: tying his legs to a chair, blindfolding himself, and writing “cum rag” on his forehead and all. He was his usual pathetic self, always so eager to please . . .

The plan was for Kelsey to come up behind him and tie his hands while my caller and I were on the phone, about halfway through the call. I wouldn’t tell him that I’d actually met his girlfriend and that we were both in on the joke (him) this time . . . he would just find out the hard way. It was going to be a big surprise . . . a really, really BIG one. Well, more than one, actually!

I’d been talking to him just down the street, where I could see Kelsey and her boyfriend and his friends when they came into the house. When I saw them, I’d make sure he was nice and distracted . . . and then Kelsey and her boyfriend would come up from behind him to tie his hands. Between the two of them — and her boyfriend’s giant, muscly friends — my poor little wimpy caller (and his little dick) would be totally outnumbered, totally overpowered. And totally subjected to the sadistic, cuckold whims of Kelsey . . . the cuckold queen of his worst nightmares and wettest dreams . . .

After we’d been on the phone for about two minutes when I saw them approaching the door to the house. I launched into more intense teasing, asking her boyfriend lots of questions and trying to confuse him so he wouldn’t be paying attention, wouldn’t hear them coming inside. Kelsey winked at me before closing the door behind her.

“Why don’t you think Kelsey has sex with you anymore? Can you even remember the last time you fucked her? Does she even like it when you eat her pussy anymore? Do you think when you do she actually even likes it . . . at ALL??” He was moaning with pleasure during this interrogation, reveling in his perverse humiliation, lost in his self-hating masturbation fantasy world . . . and then suddenly, he gasped. He gasped as if he had just been grabbed roughly from behind — which just then, he finally had . . .



Mistress Aileen

Your Supreme Goddess Aileen



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