This good looking new man moved in next door and as soon as I saw him I knew I was going to get him. It was hot the day he moved in and I was sitting out on the steps watching the movers take in all the stuff across the street from me. I was sucking on a popsicle and licking it and moving it in and out of my mouth suggestively as they carried in all the furniture and boxes. The neighbor glanced at me a few times and finally walked over and spoke to me. He asked if he could have a cool drink, since they hadn’t tuned the water on yet. They were going to that afternoon, but he was thirsty after carrying in many of the items and working hard in the heat.


I invited him in and he sat at the kitchen table as I poured him an iced tea that he gulped down as I finished my popsicle I was plunging in and out of my mouth. I was teasing him as I did so and could see a bit of a bulge grow in his pants. I knew what I was doing was having an effect on him and after he drank a second glass I poured him he thanked me and left to go back with moving things in.

Later that night after the movers had left I decided to be neighborly and take over a pizza. I figured he’d be too tired to cook. He greeted me with a smile and let me in, most of the place was piled high with boxes and we sat down at his kitchen table and chatted a while. I laughed when he mentioned how much I seemed to have enjoyed my popsicle earlier. I smirked and said I’d always enjoyed sucking things and was very oral. He nearly choked on his pizza as I said that. After we ate we went out to his backyard and he’d had a picnic table set up and it had cooled off some and was nicer out, with a breeze.

He sat down and I looked around the garden and we talked a while and then I sat down beside him and said once more I really enjoyed sucking things and got down on the grass in front of him and unzipped his pants and took out his cock. He looked a bit surprised, but didn’t stop me.He leaned back with his elbows onto he table and I held his hardening dick in my hands and gripped it firmly and pumped it as I licked the head of it. Swirling my tongue around it as I caressed his balls. He looked down at me and said yes, I did appear to like to suck as he chuckled and placed a hand on the back of my head. I opened wide and took his length down my throat and swallowed him up. Drooling all over his thick shaft, making it all sloppy and wet so my lips slid easily up and down his hard cock.

I then took one of his balls in my mouth and suckled on it as I pumped his cock up and down and I could tell he was getting closer to cumming, so I moved his dick back into my mouth and moved my mouth up and down faster and faster as I felt his balls tighten up in my hand and I squeezed them as he shot his salty load down my throat and I milked them dry. I then got up and he zipped up and I said welcome to the neighborhood. He then asked if everyone got such a  warm welcome as he did, and I replied no, but they aren’t all as good looking as you are either. He laughed and said I was welcome to come over any time I wanted and I said oh don’t worry neighbor , I’ll be back!

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