Weird Fetish Lover Wants To Share Three Kinky Ones!

Weird fetish roleplay is actually something I really enjoy getting into. Whenever someone has the ability to share with me a new one I can’t wait to touch myself while I explore. One of the first I got into whenever I started phone sex was vore. If you are not familiar Vorophilia also known as vore is the sensual desire to bite your teeth into another humans flesh. Of course, you can also fantasize about being the delicious morsel I munch on as well. Of course, the entire process of picking the perfect babe to cook up for you and me to eat is a completely arousing experience. Not to mention the way that we rub our hand all over their body as we marinate our meat.

Weird Fetish Lover Wants To Share Three Kinky Ones!

Public sex is another one that really makes this sluts pussy really wet. Although it is fun to do this in real life, fantasizing is fun too. Nothing is off limits when it comes to fucking me in a public place. After all, the thrill of pushing that envelope and getting caught is part of the fun. I have even been known to ride a guy’s dick as I wear a skirt on the bus. Surely I have no need for public transportation. However, knowing all of those people have no idea is such a turn on.

Can’t forget the weird fetish of erotic hypnosis!

Erotic hypnosis is so much fun! Although, it may not be the pocket watch in your face, sleepy kind of hypnotizing you are picturing. This is being lured or tricked into an erotic situation as if you were hypnotized. Certainly, you have thought about spraying a hot babe with magic perfume that would make her absolutely crazy about you. Could you picture if I was your neighbor and someone accidentally slipped me a sex drug that made me lust after you? Perhaps it would be the best thing in your life.

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