I bet you want to know about my introduction to a few weird extreme fetishes.

I do however admit that they used to be weird extreme fetishes to me. As time has progressed these weird extreme fetishes have grown on me. They all circulate around me being worshiped for the praiseworthy femdom Goddess that I am. Let you tell ya’ll something. Being worshipped gives me an arousing, euphoric feeling that runs through my veins. This is an ultimate gratifying, sexual high.

There was no conversation about these particular weird extreme fetishes beforehand. I just so happen to catch them in the act of doing it. Shy was my first feeling. Then it melted into an appreciation of how they felt. That feeling than quickly grew into a superior engulfment because of what they found sexual arousal from. I love it!!

Here’s a little introduction to one of these weird extreme fetishes.

My first encounter with one of these weird extreme fetishes was catching him sniffing my shoes.I’m and girl that loves shoes. To date I have over 225 pair of shoes. My size 4 and 1/2 arch dainty feet love a wide variety. With this particular guy he just always loved my feet. I remember when we first met, he would mainly admire my feet. Then it went from just admiring them to constantly touching them. What followed was another to another level of

I quickly found out that he could only cum from only my feet while deeply inhaling from my shoes.  He loved to please my pretty pink twat orally as well with my collection of sex toys. This is what I saw in front of me. Then I discover what he really likes and it turns me on.

One day after my morning workout I got in the shower as usual.

I forgot my favorite sugar scrub and got out to get it. That’s when I heard the breathy moans and deep inhaling. When I peeked around the corner I saw Sean on the edge of the bed with one of my running shoes in his hand. I silently stood there confused and wanting to see how things were to play out.

Now if you’ve ever seen the movie Jeepers Creepers and saw the scene when the creator was deeply breathing in the scent, you’d know what I mean when I say he was deeply inhaling the scent of my sweaty shoe. Now one of my turn-ons is Auralism which means I get hot and heavy by heavy breathing. As I stood there my twat starts to get super wet and warm.

With a slight turn, I see his rod completely erect and his head bucking back and forth due to how he continued to inhale my shoe. After a few more sniffs from Sean, he then puts my shoes on his peeker and starts to pound it. Although this was my first moment with this of my extreme weird fetishes, it was hot.

I had a surprise for him after that.

He continued to love my shoes and I knew it but wanted to watch him in silence and build up to a particular moment. One evening while he caressed my feet after slipping my shoes off I took control. I had on a pair of red 6-inch heels that lay right on the couch beside him. I pick up one of my shoes and start to rub it on his crotch. Quicker than 1-2-3 he was rock hard.

Things move pretty quick as I stared into his eyes and made him realize it was cool with me that he likes making love to my shoes. I lifted my foot and shove it in his face. As I have a front-row seat, watching him deeply inhale as his nose is deep in between my toes. I use my free hand to loosen his pants. Let’s just say that I pressed EJECT and that cock shot straight up. I shoved my shoes on his rod and sit there watching as he shakes, inhales and thrusts into my heel.

His only request that night of our first encounter was for me to give him my other shoe to inhale. Sean squirts like a water hose. Now in all the times he has loved my shoes he has done a diligent job at cleaning them after he was finished. As a matter of fact, he kept my shoes in amazing condition.

weird extreme fetishes

I do have more encounters involving weird extreme fetishes. Do you have any? Let’s have fun with it. I am the best phone sex operator to enjoy it with.