Wearing a diaper — you may not make a mess on the floor, but things still will get messy.

Wearing a diaper to work was hardly the kind of resolution to the issue we were having but, as your boss, the constant bathroom breaks were getting out of hand.  You either needed to minimize them or I’d find someone else who could be more present at his workstation.  It wasn’t your fault, you’d claim.  You insisted you had a small bladder, although you have no medical proof of this.  Since childhood, when you felt the tingle, you had to stop what you were doing and go to the restroom.  It didn’t matter what you were doing.  Apparently, you never grew out of this.  But, you’re an adult now.  More is expected of you.  If you can’t tame your bladder, I would find someone who would.

However, I wasn’t totally cruel.

I’m the one who introduced you to the idea in the first place.  Wearing a diaper to work was something plenty of Americans did every day, and they got away with it.  Why couldn’t you?  Every time you would feel the tingle, it would no longer be a big deal.  You could just let it all out.  “But then everyone will see my diaper poof!” you cry.  Well, that’s little more than an enough incentive to take it easy on the coffee and train your bladder.  Nothing wrong with that.

So you do it.

You show up to work wearing a diaper, and only you and I know.  I give you a little sly smile as I hear the ruffle within you pants when you walk by, but I’m obviously willing to keep your secret as long as you get those memos to my desk by 11.  Your mouth waters when you see the coffee in the dinette area, but your cock does a tingly little back flip at the thought of drinking the normal amount of coffee you usually do.  You’d be in the bathroom within the hour, and you know our agreement; no more than three runs.

The day progresses without issue.

You walk a little slower than usual so that no one can hear your diaper rustle, and the few who don’t hear it clearly enough to know exactly where it’s coming from.  You have your first pee pee break at 11.  Then Lunch pulls around and you’re relieved that you get your second potty break.  But then you make a grave mistake.  Someone ordered pizza and a few bottles of 2-liter soda to celebrate a peer’s birthday.  In your excitement, you knock back the cola until your gut is tight.


Two o’clock hits and you’re as twitchy as a rabbit on speed.  You have no choice and use up your third potty break.  But Four o’clock hits and, again, nature calls. You try not to make it obvious how hard you’re trying to dance the pee away, but it’s not working.  While waiting for a fax, it becomes too much.  You feel your diaper go hot, and you even hear yourself squirt the pee out hard.  You had to go so bad!  At some point your afraid you’ll leak, but your diaper holds strong.  You slosh back to your cubicle and feel that hot pee puddle mush against you as you sit.  How are you going to make it the rest of the day like this?

Are you ‘accident prone’ around the office?  Call my phone sex line and tell me what you do to deal with it.