Adult baby daycare day is here!

Adult baby daycare is hosting a day just for adult babies like you, honey. It’ll be the first of many because there are just sooooo many naughty boys who can’t use the big pot yet. They’re going to need someone to change them while mommy is at work. Sometimes I come home and your diaper is so full that it’s hanging so low that I can see your tiny little pee pee. It’s ironic how that’s one part of you that hasn’t grown at all lol.

Don’t be shy, baby.

These ladies will watch you while I’m at work. I know it will seem a little weird having ladies who aren’t mommy see you down there and wipe you, too. Yes, they may giggle a bit but, to be fair, so does mommy. There’s just something so cute and pathetic about your little cocklet making such big messes. Especially when we know that it’s so very hard when it’s time for changies and still stays so short. If it’s so embarrassing, you can always start going on the potty like a big boy. But we both know you’re not going to do that, huh? Wetting yourself feels too good.

Don’t think I don’t notice your pee pee face

You know what I’m talking about; that moment where you stop what you’re doing, stand completely still, and let out a hot gush of pee pee that you’ve actually been holding since juice time. All the ladies will notice, too. They’ll see your diaper go from flat to full in no time at all. They’ll probably even hear it with how hard it’ll rush out. I just hope the diapers I bought are big enough to catch it all. You’d better be careful, though. If you pee pee too much, your diaper is sure to fall down, and every other baby there will see your nub nub.

What about the back room?

You know the room I’m talking about. The naughty room where babies go to be punished. See, when you’re good, the ladies will play and dote over you, even during changes. But, when you’re bad, you get sent to the back room where the men are waiting. They’ll give your naughty tail and your naughty mouth the attention it needs if you keep being naughty. If you insist on being a little tease or saying naughty words, they’ll find something to put in those places and stop you.

Be careful, though. Sometimes they’ll just snatch a cutie that walks a little too close to the door. And you are a cutie, baby. You don’t wanna know how rough they get with the cute ones.  So be a good baby boy and stay away from the back room.  I’ll know if you go near it once we get home and I change you.  I’m sure I’ll find more than pee pee in your diaper.

Are you ready for daycare, my bouncing adult baby? Call my phone sex hotline and make an appointment!