Diaper fetish — I warned you

Diaper fetish.  Have you just not taken to using the potty yet, have you?  You are how old now?  Yet, no matter what I do, you can’t seem to make it from where you are to the bathroom.  Well, I did warn you about that.  Mommy doesn’t like having to clean up puddles in her living room so you left me no choice.  My big boy is in diapers now.  Mommy had to go a step further, though.  I told you that, if you pottied in public, you would be changed in public.  I hoped this would get you to learn to hold it.

Don’t you feel that tingle when it’s time to go?

It’s like you don’t feel it at all.  Or maybe you do but not until the very last second.  But my heart sinks every time I see that lump in your pants grow bigger and bigger and bigger while you fill your diaper with all that milk and juice you drank in the car.  Well, mommy doesn’t lie or break her promises.  I’m going to lie you down on this bench in this mall ans change you, right in front of all the other mommy’s and big boys and girls out there.

They’re going to see Eeeeverything…

They’re going to see the big mess a big boy like you made and the tiny, little wee wee that made it (and don’t think that they don’t notice that it’s so tiny while still being hard as a rock).  And you’re not allowed to cover it up either cause mommy has to wipe it down.  I’m sorry that some people are laughing at you, honey but, they’re right.  You are too old to be needing diapers like this.  Listen to how heavy that diaper is when I toss it in the trash.

What is mommy going to do with you, fetish boy?  Call for some phone sex potty training today.