Embarrassing sex stories reveal your little pants wetting problem!

Embarrassing!  Sex stories are supposed to be about massive cocks plowing into tight, hot pussy.  Not about your weak bladder needing an adult cock-diaper.  Worse than that.  Everyone saw it and now knows that you wear them.  I told you it was time to learn to go on the toilet.  But you’ve gone so long wearing diapers that your cock has forgotten how to hold it until you get to the bathroom.  The minute you even thing ‘potty’, your bladder loosens and out flows a torrent of warm, fast-squirting nectar.

How did it feel when you stood in front of everyone and piddled on yourself?

They saw your pants slowly swell and they heard liquid hitting the inside of your diaper.  Not to mention your expression.  You were never very good at hiding when you were going.  They way your lips curled in that satisfied expression and your eyes rolled back.  You were in heaven now that you finally could let it all out.  No one else felt that way, though.  Someone your age should know better.  They called you dirty and someone even pantsed you, revealing your teddy bear-covered diaper and the slowly fading stars in the front that disappeared as you got wetter and wetter.

I suppose it’s my fault.  I kept you in diapers, after all.

Mommy Crystal liked being a mommy a little too much and wanted you to stay her little boy forever.  Even though I told you that you should learn to use the potty, I secretly wanted you in diapers for ever.  Now you can’t hold it at all and you need mommy to change you.  I can’t help but feel a little happy about that.

Are you a momma’s boy, too?  Do you have embarrassing sex stories about getting wet in public?  Time to have some phone sex and share with Mommy Crystal!