A Diaper boy isn’t like other boys. Most boys are out of diapers by the age of three.

A diaper boy can be very naughty and stubborn about their potty training and never get used to going to the bathroom.  Instead, they’d rather just go on themselves and leave their poor mommies to clean up the mess.  This can go on well into double digits, too!  Well, Mommy Crystal’s here to instruct mothers on how to get their ‘baby’ boys out of diapers and into big boy undies.

Diaper Boy Rule #1: Stop Changing Them When They Go

Your naughty little potty dodger is counting on you to change him after he goes on himself and, up until now, you always have.  Well, not anymore.  Instead of running to change him, let him sit in his little mess for a while.  It can’t feel good having all of that hot and sticky piddle mashed up against his little bottom and penis for so long.

Diaper Boy Rule #2: Force Him To Wear Tight Pants or Shorts Over His Diaper In Public

There’s nothing more embarrassing after wetting yourself than when others find out that you’ve wet yourself.  When you go out on errands, make sure to take him with you and also make sure that everyone can see that he has to wear diapers.  He will potty on himself a few times before the gazes and comments of onlookers cause him to think twice.  When all of the other mommies, young girls, and boys see his swollen, dangling diaper, his bladder might decide to get with the program from that point on.  For the most effective results, a pink, frilly dress is suggested.

Diaper Boy Rule #3: When You Change Him, Change Him In Front Of Others

No more darting into the family restrooms to change your big boy in private.  From now on, do it in the public ladies’ room.  Let girls and mommies alike get a good look at the older boy who still needs his diaper changed.  Take your time too so that everyone can see his tiny, weak wee-wee being wiped because he can’t seem to hold it in the way other boys can.

Diaper Boy Rule #4: Make Him Admit What He Did

Whether you’re in the middle of a department store or a grocery store aisle, when he goes on himself, make him announce it. Make him tell you out loud that he’s made a naughty mess and needs to be changed.  Only then will you consider doing so.  If he refuses, go about your business while he waddles in his full diaper.  I’m sure you’ll last longer than his diaper will before it overflows and things really start to get embarrassing.

Follow these rules and I guarantee results…or a good laugh at least.

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