Wax dripping from my Ass!

I knew I was in for a fun night when he pulled out long candles. I have something for hot wax dropping all over my body. There is nothing like getting fucked and then having that wax dripping on my sensitive nipples and clit. He asked me to get on my hands and knees with my ass in the air.

I held my breath as his hands started to travel over my body, down to my ass. I felt his fingers and then his tongue flick over my puckering hole. I jumped slightly as I felt his tongue push inside of me. Then he pulled away from me. I turned to figure out where he’d gone. I felt him pushing something else into my ass. I asked what it was and he explained it was the long candle. I heard the lighter flick and knew exactly what he was doing. He lit the candle.

I quickly felt some to the wax drip onto my legs and down near my ass. He told me that I had to suck his cock while keeping the candle in place. I opened up and he quickly pushed his cock into my mouth. I was gagging and chocking on his cock as he face fucked me. The whole time the wax was dripping down onto my asshole making me jump closer into him.

He pumped his load down into my throat and then held it there until I was gasping for air. He pulled his cock out and told me to stay still. He grabbed the candle and flipped me onto my back. He held the candle right about my nipples so the wax dripped onto them. Each drop made me flinch with pleasure. He then pushed my lips open and let the wax drop onto my clit. That was the most intense amount of pain and pleasure I’ve ever experienced.

He peeled the wax off my clit and then replaced it with his tongue. He started to flick it quickly across my clit until I came on his tongue. We both laid there in a silly daze of pleasure!

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