It was a hot summer day about a month ago and I decided to go to a water park with some of my friends. We were just trying to have some fun and be careless. There I met a sexy life guard that will teach me a lesson on water sports. 

I was walking by the pool just about to find my friends and jump in with them when he spotted me. He jumped from his seat and decided to talk to me. He asked me if I was there alone, then said he was going on his break in about thirty minutes and that he would love to buy me an ice cream. I didn’t think much of it. I really wasn’t even thinking much of it. I wasn’t looked for a hook up. He found me when he was on his break and we walked towards the concession stands together. We had some small talk and after he bought us some ice cream we walked towards a desolated area. We were standing by a closed down water slide. Away but still visible from everyone there. 

When we finished our ice cream and I was talking about something random he all of a sudden kissed me. He kissed me so passionately I felt my pussy twitch in pleasure almost immediately. He didn’t waste time and turned me around and stuck his hard cock around. He started fucking me hard and deep. I started to moan and he covered my mouth. If anyone was to turn this way they would see us fucking. I was soaking wet my juices were dripping down my bare legs. I came so hard on his cock and he came right away too. 

I sat there waiting for him to bring me some water and when he came back he started kissing me again. I knew it was time for round two. He put me on my knees and right when I was about to start sucking his cock when he grabbed his soft dick and started to pee on my face. He soaked my face and my bikini with his urine. I was shocked but it felt really good. 

My first lesson went great. I can’t wait to go to the water park again before it closes for the summer. 



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