I used to tease my neighbor—a lot . It started when he was walking by my bedroom window and accidently saw me changing. At first he was embarrassed, but when I started shaking my sexy hips in lingerie, he enjoyed watching. Since then I got nasty, and every time he came by to watch I liked to put on a sexy show. I didn’t care that he was married. It actually just turned me on more.

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One night, I was about to masturbate, and then I saw him at the window, his fingers pressed against the glass. I laughed at the wedding ring—clearly his wife wasn’t satisfying him if he was coming to watch sexy little me.

I bent over to show him my ass, spreading my butt cheeks with both hands. I wanted my asshole to expand as much as possible so he could almost see my insides. I took my middle finger and pressed it into my anus. I bit my lip: it felt so good. I started to finger my ass hard, feeling my interior wall embrace my hot friction.

After I stuck three more fingers in, I came from the anal stimulation. I turned around and saw that he was completely captivated. This made me wild. I put on some red heels and grabbed my biggest vibrator—I had several. I was going to give him a nasty show and he needed to watch my pussy get fucked by a big dick (and pretend he was doing it).

I sat in the chair and put both my legs into the air. The heels made my legs look great. My clean-shaven pussy was exposed and he saw everything. I spread the lips so he could see how pink and wet I was. I sucked on the long dildo and then shoved it inside. I started to fuck myself hard while rubbing my clit. I really wanted his cock in my ass too.

Finally, my nasty maneuvers had gotten him excited, and he started to jerk off. I walked up to window and licked the glass, pressing my wide tongue so he could see all of my mouth. He kept jerking it, and I looked at his cock through my eyebrows and put on my best innocent face. I started to mouth the words, “cum on me,” and I saw his eyes widen. I opened my mouth wide. I wanted him to cum on my tonsils. I kept licking the window, begging for his cum, and started to squeeze hard on my sexy, tiny nipples. Apparently this was nasty enough for him to orgasm, because he then ejaculated all over the window.

I was feeling so sexy that he had come to watch me. I quickly left the room to go lick his cum off of the window.
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