Deadpool sex scene crazy hot!

How about that deadpool sex scene? I want crazy sex like that! Most of you are asking “your just know seeing that?” I’m a pretty busy girl so I just got around to watching it. Ryan Reynolds is a major hunk so I’m actually very jealous it wasn’t me fucking him but oh well I can still fantasize. Could you imagine fucking each other like that all the time? Up against a wall, doggystyle, missionary,  and even getting pegged yourself. Nothing is as sexy as being shoved up against the wall and fucked. And I could wrap my long legs around you while your thrusting into me. Don’t be surprised when I take over and shove you down and ride you. But I’ll let you have that control back so you can bend me over and fuck me right back.

Loved the strap on

deadpool sex sceneI was surprised to see how quickly he tapped out when she got the strap on. Still one of my favorite parts of the deadpool sex scene. I’m sure you could show him how it’s done. If I’m going to let you bend me over isn’t only fair I get to bend you over? It’s easy just breathe in and when I thrust inside breathe out. Relax, I know how gently guide it inside, it’ll be one of the best orgasms ever. Still, seeing Ryan bent over while she was behind was hot! I wasn’t too crazy about the Halloween sex because it wasn’t sexy enough. Personally I like to role play for Halloween sex, your dressed up take advantage to the fullest. If your creative enough to create the outfit get something out of it.

Sex and food

Now in the deadpool sex scene they did something I have never done, mixed food and sex. Not so sure mashed potatoes would deadpool sex scenebe something I would find sexy but I’d try it. I know some of you are into that sort of thing I’m always up for exploring it. It was always my impression men loved licking whip cream off girls or even feed or strawberries but maybe I’m wrong. I have never even tried the whip cream and strawberries but there is a first time for everything. I’m always looking to explore new fantasies and fetishes. Lets explore during our next adult chat session together! If your open minded lets have some crazy phone sex.

There are plenty more fantasy sex stories I have to share! Or maybe we can make our own story.