Fantasy sex stories that really can happen

What once was one of those fantasy sex stories finally became reality. This new guy has had my attention lately but he’s not exactly a one woman kind of man. I was always a sucker for the bad boys and he’s just another bad boy that has suckered me in. When I found out about his desire to be surrounded and committed to many women I was a little sad but I like women too. And if you can’t beat em, you might as well join em. It started with threesomes and I was his accomplice when it came to picking up women even when it came to fucking them. He loves to watch us before he joins. But I bet you would to if you saw the things we did. There was cock sharing, cum eating, and I even used a strap on.

The escort fantasy

No matter how many girls we went through I stayed his remained his number one. But his new fantasy could easily break that. One night while talking about all his fantasy sex stories he expressed desire for someone new. She’s an escort, young, cute and barely legal. It didn’t take long before he set the plan in motion. She arrives at the hotel, I’m hiding in the bathroom waiting for the time to pop and dominate. I’m suppose to let him have a little fun and then come busting out wearing a strap on. From the bathroom I can hear her sucking and slurping on his cock. I tighten down my strap on and come barging in on them. She had no idea! Grabbing her head I forcefully shove her face down on his cock. I got a little pleasure out of her choking and gagging.

No thats a lie, I LOVED listening to that whore choke and gag.

She never saw it coming!

Truth be told I wouldn’t have let her up if it wasn’t for him telling me to. But I lift her face up so she can see me, and then I slap her. Right across the side of her cheek I leave my hand print. I ignore her begging and after I get behind her I slip my strap on inside her pussy. While begin to bury my strap on into her pussy he’s fucking her ass. I remind her my pussy is the only one he wants and because she’s a filthy whore her ass is the only place he’ll fuck her. Grabbing her hair I yank her head back, and throw her off my strap on. I can’t resist his hard cock that standing straight up before me so I climb on top and fuck him.

She’s forced to watch us fuck and when he comes I spit it into her face. How else are you suppose to treat a fucking whore? Fantasy sex stories can come true! Call my phone sex number and let me show you. Bring me your kinky fantasy or weird fetish and let’s have some real fun!

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