Embarrassing sex stories that will make you think twice before hiring a hooker

I don’t believe anyone’s weekend could top mine. It’s one of those embarrassing sex stories I shouldn’t tell but I can’t resist! Here’s a little back story before I give you the goods. Jake, my best guy friend, has an addiction to dominant women. He likes the full on dominatrix fantasy like getting getting tied up tortured and teased. Because not many girlfriends are willing to even explore the BDSM fetish he has to find it elsewhere. I have told him many times be-careful what you get yourself into and I guess this time he learned. Jake found a hooker through an online service, very beautiful domme. He left my house after arranging his appointment. So yes I did know he was meeting with an escort but I knew nothing more.

Fetish gone wrong

So long story short when Jake called me later that night from his phone’s voice command he begged for me to come get him. After arriving at the hotel, I realized I had no way in because I had no key. Luckily the owner unlocked the door. Imagine how embarrassing things got for Jake when we found him tied to the bed NAKED! I looked for a key to the cuffs but couldn’t find one. A noise from outside the door prompts me to jump into this tiny little closet. The dominatrix she’s back with a friend. to finish where they left off. As she approaches she’s holding some rod but in the next few seconds I learn it’s a cattle prod. She pokes his cock and prod shocks him. They laugh and poke him more, but then after undressing I realize something long and hard between their legs.

Attack of the shemale dom’s

Now I know this is going to be one of the most embarrassing sex stories ever for Jake. I literally had to gag myself to keep from laughing. I’m watching them force their cocks into his mouth and rubbing their cocks on his face. Jake is literally the straightest man I know, well that’s debatable after this. But it doesn’t stop here and no matter how much Jake begs they don’t listen. I saw Jake take two cocks in his ass that night, I tried to rescue him but I guess I was just too late. Think about Jake before you hire a hooker, you never know you might just get shemale sex. Have a secret you can’t hold in any longer, my adult chat line is always open.

The deadpool sex scene was nothing compared to what happened to Jake!