I could feel my full bladder throb in anticipation!

Mom and I only have three things in common: we’re hot, we love sex and we love big black cocks. Oh, we have another thing in common: Jamal. He’s a fuck buddy that we share, but he falls into the big black cock area so maybe it’s not another thing. Huh?!?! Anyways, we were horny and craving him so we had a little girly afternoon together and did our nails while trying to decide what we wanted to do to him. When he got to our place we had some drinks and let him in on our little treat. We told him that we’d been very good girls all morning and hadn’t gone to the bathroom since we woke up. We both had a full bladder of piss and we wanted to give it all to him.

 Mom had put towels on the bed so we wouldn’t make a mess and we got naked. I wanted Jamal so bad; his dick was so big I couldn’t take my eyes off it and knew I’d be the one playing with it, not Mom. I’m her kid, she has to give me what I want. I put my hand around it and smiled sweetly at her. “Can I have this? Please? I’ve been a good girl.” Mom said, “Sure sweetie and Mommy can have his mouth.” She gave him a long kiss and I could see that she was French kissing him. My full bladder was throbbing and a drop of piss leaked out of me. I couldn’t hold it much longer and put a hand between my legs. “Mommy, I really need to pee.”

They looked at me and I squirmed around, making a show of how bad I needed to go. 

They loved seeing me act like a little kid and Mom told Jamal to lie down. I straddled his waist, my pussy just above his dick and Mom took his mouth, making sure he was in the right spot to enjoy his golden showers. I looked at Mom sitting on Jamal’s face and kept eye contact as I relaxed and released my full bladder all over Jamal’s dick. There was a hissing sound and I closed my eyes as my throbbing bladder began to finally get rid of some of the pressure. I heard Mom let out a soft groan and knew Jamal was getting a mouthful of her piss and drinking it down without spilling a drop.

 My stream hit him hard and I clenched down, making it spray all over him.

Piss dribbled down my legs as it began to slow down. I squeezed out the last few drops and teased him by rubbing my pussy lips over the tip of his dick. Mom and I laid down beside Jamal, keeping him between us as we pressed our body against his. “Did you like your shower?” Mom asked, teasing him as he licked drops of her piss off his lips. “You know I did,” he said and put his hand on his hard, throbbing piss covered dick. “What else are you planning to do to me?” he asked, grinning and knowing he was about to get fucked by two sexy white women. “Be quiet and you’ll find out,” I told him and looked at Mom with a smile.

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