Have you ever met a girl so prude that you were desperate to see her virginity destroyed?

I had this friend who was just begging to get her virginity destroyed! She was so fucking prude and it absolutely drove me nuts! This all started with her telling me that she had never even kissed a boy! So, as her new friend, I set out to help her grow with the knowledge of worldly things. I arranged her first kiss with one of my guy friends, after which I realized the extent of her naivety. I shit you not, this bitch cried and had a panic attack. Which is like, yikes, for the guy I set her up with. After apologizing to him, I gave her a lecture on how she needed to grow the fuck up. She said she would try to get better, so for Christmas, I got her a special present.

This bitch was a junior in college and had never masturbated, and never orgasmed. Ever. So, the gracious friend I am, I bought her two different types of vibrators. Of course, she opened them up in front of everyone, as with everyone else and their gifts from me. However, everyone else did not have the same insecure, pathetic shame spread across their face. Everyone knows that my gifts are drugs, alcohol or sex. If you have a problem with it, don’t come, and you get nothing. She immediately told me that there was no way she would ever use my gift. Are you fucking kidding me? This tiny ass, bullet vibrator is THAT intimidating to you? I have never met a bigger pussy in my life.

She was a little bitch who needed to be taught a lesson.

My best friend and I got her drunk for the first time. Alright. We got her high for the first time. Yikes. She totally freaked out. This is an adult human being who lives on her own, and my friend and I were teens! She got all mad at us afterward and said that we peer-pressured her like bullies she knew in the fifth grade. She kept us up all night and we took care of her little freakout, from only pot, for hours after it left her system. So, my friend and I decided that we were fed up with her shit. We had to force her to do everything fun, and the whole time she was the biggest buzzkill you could ever meet. Always wallowing in pure insecurity because she has coddled rotten her whole life.

This adult person told us that she had to stop hanging out with us because her mommy told her we were bad influences. Ha! So my best friend and I decided that the best thing for her at that point was to just have her virginity destroyed. She agreed to come over and listen to our apologies. We tied her up instead. Her arms bound tightly, crossed over her chest. My bestie and I dragged her confused body over to the bed and threw her down. I sat on her while my friend forced her legs apart and cuffed each ankle to either side of the footboard. As expected, she freaked out. So, we stuffed our panties in her mouth, duct taped it shut, and turned up our music. We laughed as we took turns cutting and ripping off pieces of her clothes.

We had to smack her every time she started to thrash.

When she really grew out of control, one of us would have to pinch her nipple real hard and twist. So feisty for a little bitch! When she laid completely naked, I whispered in her ear, “we are going to tear you open…” I started with one finger, then quickly switched to two, then three. Three did the trick. I felt that cherry pop. My best friend took a wooden spoon and jammed it up her ass. We had to smack her again for screaming. Then, I began working in the thumb. I felt my knuckles brush the inside of her pelvis as I force my hand further. She cried and cried hysterically. Finally, I closed my fist and pounded her with it. I made sure we left her with her virginity destroyed.

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