A little slumber party hazing never hurt anyone!

Almost every girl I know has experienced slumber party hazing games! The games come from a teenage sexual curiosity. Its spurned from deep sexual repression, desperation, and hormones with a side of daddy issues! Lastly, the innate desire to dominate, compete with and humiliate other girls makes us test each other’s limits and try to figure out who sits at the top of the food chain. A simple test is when changing. The girl to whip it all out with heavy tits and a pristine pussy sits at the top, while the little insecure mouse refuses to undress or goes in a different room. Upon seeing the confident, self-assured girl, the rodent girl stares in envy and self-loathing. Thus branding the sexually mature girl a slut to even the playing field.

The weasel must find a flaw to hold onto, to spread, so that she may grasp some of the momentary gratification. Then the lower girl then must be punished, brought down a couple of notches, and made an example for all to see. This is the way female minds work in the height of their sexual development. We are total Animals. I, of course, tend to lean toward the sexually mature girl, even though I appear so innocent. The party started with truth or dare out in my friend’s trailer. It was the best place for unsupervised play. This did not go that far, aside from us getting naked and running through the woods, moaning at the neighbors walking their dogs, or wrestling each other on the trampoline. Then, my best friend stole some of her parent’s weed stash and booze. That is when amazing things happen.

Of course, my best friend and I had to engage in a little peer pressuring of the prude girls.

One girl stuck to her little corner and we just ate her alive. She forfeited the option to say no the minute she came to our slumber party. If she didn’t drink it, she would take a bath in it while we forced it down her throat. The two prude girls were easily won by the three of us hot girls and the one on the fence that just wanted us to think she was cool. The lesser three proved that this experience was their first, by faking drunk immediately, until they actually were drunk. Bitches like that are waay cooler, less annoying, and more fun to hang out with drunk. Otherwise, they walk around with their purity rings like they have a huge stick up their asses. I love tearing down those ridiculous values and planting curiosities for the dark.

One we reached levels of actual fucked-upness, we played strip poker. I lost, hardcore, but I was the confident one, so I got to show off in another way. Spreading my legs for all to see my perfect, pink, bald pussy. My perky tits. Now, normally the prude girls would stare, giggle or leave. Alcohol made everything carefree and pot made everyone horny and curious. Once everybody’s turn for nudity came,  they undressed without complaint. So furry! Of course, the prudes wouldn’t shave! Another thing to hold over their heads if the double-crossed me! Time for some slumber party hazing. Then we established a rule. Whoever fell asleep first would wake up getting fucked by my friend’s mom’s dildo (found underneath her bed). The night was filled with talking about boys as usual.

I showed the girls how to suck cock using the same dildo.

Obviously, I was the only one out of six of us to know how to correctly suck cock. We jokingly made the other girls choke on it if we saw that they weren’t doing something right. The two prudest girls fell asleep around three am as expected. We snuck their panties off and parted their legs. Two girls per asleep girl. One would hold their legs open for when they woke, and the other would do the fucking with the dildo. My friend held the sleeping mouse’s legs open while I pushed through the opening of her hairy little pussy. Then, she started moaning and woke up right as she came! How embarrassing!  She came all over that dildo! Then we passed it to the other girl and fucked her. She woke up super embarrassed and hid in the corner. Slumber party hazing is not for everyone.

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slumber party hazing